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Haering: Flexible Thanks To Silo Technology

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Haering: Flexible Thanks To Silo Technology
Haering: Flexible Thanks To Silo Technology

Video: Haering: Flexible Thanks To Silo Technology

Video: Haering: Flexible Thanks To Silo Technology
Video: Silo Discharge - Animation 2023, December

Plasters, paints, varnishes and insulation materials - the family company Haering from Unterheinriet near Heilbronn has been asserting itself against the competition in the industry for many years with a full range.

Author: Andreas Ehrfeld | Photos: Haering

Flexibility is the magic word when asked why the company can play in the concert of the big ones. "We still do a lot by hand, which is why many products can be tailored to the customer," explains Helmut Fischer, sales manager for building protection. These can be standards as well as special requests. Such business areas were not worthwhile for large companies, Fischer is certain. One reason for this: the length of the decision-making process.

Since customers are ordering their goods at short notice, the company invested in silo and production technology some time ago. There, plasters and paints can be produced quickly and in large quantities. Thanks to its flexibility, the company has built up a customer base, some of which has been sourcing its paints, plasters and varnishes from Haering for decades. "Customers appreciate that," says technical manager Achim Gurt. Another business area: own label. Mostly in the south, the company is known as Haering, but in large parts of the republic customers sell their own products under their own labels.

The target groups of the company, which has been in existence since 1886, include industrial customers, machine builders and plastic parts manufacturers in addition to the trade and building materials trade - to name just a few.


Paints, like all building protection products, are manufactured in the company's own research and development department. The family-owned company also occupies niches, for example, the paints are also used to coat pencils and yardsticks.

Ecological products such as lime plasters are currently in high demand. In addition, special colors are available that are tailored to allergy sufferers. A comprehensive, coordinated range of products is available for each of these two areas.


When it comes to thermal insulation composite systems, you rely on your own expertise: development, production and sales are completely self-sufficient, and there is also the service concept: specialist advisors support the tradesmen on the construction site and provide free of charge their created color schemes and renovation recommendations for the respective property.

The Heilbronn site employs 140 people, and a further 15 people work at two sales locations in Poland and the Czech Republic. In addition, there is the Black Forest plastering plant with production facilities in Ottersweier, Baden-Württemberg and Möllenhagen, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. At these two locations, 83 employees produce mortar products, basic plasters, adhesive and reinforcement mortars.

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