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Alligator App
Alligator App

Video: Alligator App

Video: Alligator App
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The app is aimed at professional tradesmen and offers a work and advice tool to be always up-to-date on the go.

The app has all Alligator products ready as well as all detailed information on processing instructions, quantity determination and technical documents. You will also find materials for the areas of primers, paints, wood protection, plasters, decorative interior wall techniques and insulation systems.

The coating navigator is particularly practical. From the simple navigation from the surface to the top coat, the app not only provides a recommendation for painting, but also offers the option of querying the order quantities. The determined number of containers can be packed as a shopping cart and sent to the wholesale partner as an order notification by email.

The Alligator color collections 5000 and Impulse 6000 are visually stored and open up the view of the color selection. The color search can be used to check the color stability according to BFS leaflet 26 for almost 100,000 color tones. The nearest dealer can be found quickly using the dealer search. The dealer search also offers a quick route calculation and the transfer of contact data directly into the device's address book.

With the ETICS planner, insulation systems can be planned safely and in compliance with the approval - for inside and outside. The internal library app contains all the important brochures, test certificates and technical data sheets that are sent directly from the document view via email.

Structured projects manage, create new and add. With this personal planning center, assembly recommendations including object photos and order requests can be easily put together, saved in a personal project and conveniently sent by email.

At the start of the app, Alligator is giving away several iPad Air 2 worth over 700 euros

Conditions of participation and the chance to win can be found at www.alligator.de

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