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Noble Interior Design
Noble Interior Design

Video: Noble Interior Design

Video: Noble Interior Design
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On the basis of purely mineral elements, the Alligator wall fleece creates atmospheric scenes.

The Alligator glass fabric and fleece range will appear under the new generic brand ALLFAtexx from March 2015. It convinces with a mix of innovative and proven qualities. The new, ready-to-use, non-woven adhesive based on dispersion for bonding glass and cellulose nonwovens on the inside rounds off the range in addition to the existing fabric adhesive.

VETRO DESIGN for exceptionally elegant interior designs

In addition to versatile glass fabrics and functional nonwovens, the VETRO DESIGN is absolutely innovative in the new ALLFAtexx collection. These include five decorative nonwovens, which fascinate with effective structures made of micro glass balls, and a smooth fleece to combine. The high-quality and hard-wearing VETRO DESIGN nonwovens set accents with striking patterns or appear discreet in the background. Depending on the incidence of light, the structures change their appearance and give walls a special charm. The patterns range from block stripes and ornaments to large circles.

The wall coverings can be coated with many color systems - regardless of whether they are satin, glossy or metallic. But especially in the final finishing with Art Effetto, the new interior color with a metallic effect, this novelty brings a touch of luxury to private and contract use. Art Effetto can be tinted in 70 shades in accordance with RAL Effect E4 using the ALLFAcolor automatic tinting system.

ALLFAtexx sample collection

The new extensive collection with almost 40 designs contains an original pattern of each design as well as an interior shot. It also refers to system products for bonding and coating. Different bonding techniques allow quick and easy processing. In addition to the new ALLFAtexx sample book, which will be available from March 2015, the paint manufacturer ALLIGATOR also offers a sample service for presentation and decision-making to the end user.

ALLFAtexx is the new brand for glass fabrics and nonwovens with an attractive packaging design.

The new ALLFAtexx sample book will be available from March 2015.

Source: Alligator