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Simply Orbit

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Simply Orbit
Simply Orbit

Video: Simply Orbit

Video: Simply Orbit
Video: How Do Satellites Orbit The Earth? 2023, December

Orbit is the brand name for dispersion facade paints and brings family addition: the Orbit house color.

There are three quality levels in each of the three facade paint families from ALLIGATOR (Miropan, Kieselit and Orbit). Orbit's house paint is located in the middle tier and replaces the acrylic facade paint at that time

It can be used as a solvent and emission-free paint both indoors and outdoors. For even more protection against algae and fungi, it is also offered in the Guard version.

In any case, the new product has many top features. In addition to the self-cleaning effect through photocatalysis and a test certificate for preventive concrete protection, the highest color stability of class A is impressive.

This means that Orbit's house color is very trendy, because we love it colored on the facade again! After years of dominance of white, according to a survey by the German Lacquer Institute (DLI), the colors beige, yellow and red are now on the first three places on the popularity scale of the citizens. It is all the more important for the homeowner that the selected color shines in full shine even after years.

Orbit's house color can also score in terms of uniform and streak-free surfaces and a low tendency to write - perfect for intensive colors!

You can find out more about Orbit's corporate color and the entire Orbit family here.

Attention: On July 24th, the ALLIGATOR summer campaign starts with orbit house color - so… keep your eyes open and hit the bucket!