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Open-door Day

Open-door Day
Open-door Day

Video: Open-door Day

Video: Open-door Day
Video: Open Door Day - 2015 2023, December

On September 20, 2014, the Upper Ramstadt-based company DAW SE provides insights into its brand world.

Every handyman knows Alpina, Caparol is the first choice in numerous painting companies. However, hardly anyone knows the family company that is behind the two brands. On September 20, DAW SE will open its gates for an “open day” and provide an exciting look behind the scenes of the paint and insulation manufacturer. The diverse program starts at 10 a.m. There are not only tours of the production tower and information about the processes in the various production areas, guests also get an exciting insight into the brand world of DAW SE.

Caparol uses the colorful elephant to provide information about the painter's world with innovative colors, creative design techniques and energy-saving insulation systems. In the Alpina test center, the high-quality products of the quality leader in the DIY area are put to the test with the option of receiving a 20 percent discount on the entire Alpina range in the DANZ paint market until September 27, 2014. The DAW professional brands alsecco, Alligator, Inthermo, Disbon, Krautol and Lithodecor - scattered across the entire company premises - also have their own worlds of experience and present themselves to visitors there. Information for applicants clarifies what a “career in color” can look like in the company.

A varied program awaits the guests: children can mix their own color, there is an Alpina color trip, a rally across the production line and interesting demonstrations in the application technology center. There is also variety with basketball with an electric forklift, a climbing tree on the fire brigade ladder, water games with the factory fire brigade and microscopy especially for children with the Dr. Robert Murjahn Institute.

A high point is planned around 1:30 p.m. when former world stretching champion and current member of the German Bundestag Eberhard Gienger pursues his passion for parachuting and will land exactly on a Dalmatian insulation board to test its robustness. In addition to a large dining area near the main stage, various food and beverage areas are set up across the area.

Visitors can enter the site at the open house via the entrance at the main gate (Roßdörfer Straße 50) and via gate 7. Gate 7 is open due to its proximity to one of the event's special parking lots. In addition to the employee parking spaces, the company has created additional parking spaces across the entire city of Ober-Ramstadt. In order to make it easier for visitors to get there, shuttle buses are used to drive to these parking spaces in regular tours. The special stops in the urban area of Ober-Ramstadt are specially marked.

More information at www.daw.de. The company party is part of the nationwide open day of the chemical industry.

Source: DAW SE