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Simply Perfect Wall Surfaces

Simply Perfect Wall Surfaces
Simply Perfect Wall Surfaces

Video: Simply Perfect Wall Surfaces

Video: Simply Perfect Wall Surfaces
Video: Preview: Beyond the Perfect Wall with Dr. John Straube 2023, December

With Phoenix Matt LEF you meet the growing demands on white and colored surfaces.

Smooth walls and ceilings are a trend among homeowners. Good for you! Because while "the good old woodchip" many do-it-yourselfers still dare to paint or even paper it themselves, it is better to let the professional do it here.

However, choosing the right products is at least as important as the manual skills.

But what is important?

When coating smooth wall and ceiling surfaces, it starts with the right surface preparation. After a suitable filler (e.g. with light filler coarse LEF if necessary with embedding of a filler fleece) the primer follows. We recommend a combination of ALLIGATOR Grundwei├č LEF with 20% Tiefgrund LEF. This mixture ensures leveling of the substrate and an open time extension of the subsequent coat (also important when re-painting old coats).

The optimal finish is provided by the premium single-layer paint Phoenix Matt LEF. Decisive for this are the perfect flow, the streak-free surface and a very good repair ability. Due to the high coverage (class 1), one coat is usually sufficient.

If you want a wall in an intense color, there is also the high resistance to the so-called writing effect. In addition to wet abrasion class 1 and disinfectant resistance, this ensures particularly hard-wearing surfaces.

Further information on Phoenix Matt LEF can be found at www.alligator.de

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