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Simply Properly Protected

Simply Properly Protected
Simply Properly Protected

Video: Simply Properly Protected

Video: Simply Properly Protected
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The new color additive of ALLIGATOR facades protects against early algae and fungus infestation.

Most ALLIGATOR facade paints are already factory-fitted with the optimal amount of film protection. Nevertheless, there may be reasons to use an additional dose of active substance against algae and fungi (e.g. in a house near the forest). The new A&F color additive offers this possibility and thus ensures maximum flexibility on the construction site. Whether in silicate, silicone resin or dispersion products, primers or diffundin wood protection.

The content of one bottle is enough for 12.5 l facade paint or 25 kg of plaster, which makes dosing particularly easy. Due to the small amount of only 150 ml, the consistency of the paint or plaster hardly changes. For you, this means that the properties remain unchanged.

High-quality active ingredients in encapsulated form ensure immediate and long-term protection. “Encapsulated” means that the active ingredients are encased in a polymer and are gradually released. This extends the duration of protection and reduces the washout rate - which protects the environment.

By the way: ALLIGATOR has been using the identical active ingredients for many years for the factory film protection of facade paints.

Simply on the safe side - with A&F color additive.

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