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Orbit-KH Facade Plasters

Orbit-KH Facade Plasters
Orbit-KH Facade Plasters

Video: Orbit-KH Facade Plasters

Video: Orbit-KH Facade Plasters
Video: New! TERAZID "WoodDecor" - decorative facade plaster 2023, December

The dispersion plasters Orbit-KH-Rub plaster and Orbit-KH-scratch plaster are versatile and robust.

With the Orbit-KH friction plaster and the Orbit-KH scratch plaster, the ALLIGATOR brand family "Orbit" continues to stand for TOP products on a dispersion basis.

The ALLIGATOR Orbit-KH facade plasters are resistant and water-repellent. Dispersions serve as binders here. The plasters are robust and offer almost unlimited coloring, since they can be colored not only with inorganic but also with organic pigments. The spectrum ranges from light, pastel-colored nuances to strong and intense shades.

Further plus points: they repel water very well, provide long-term protection against wind and weather and are resistant to aggressive pollutants in the air.

Due to their high elasticity, dispersion plasters are an ideal colored top coating on thermal insulation composite systems. The mechanical resilience is incredibly good - the service life is correspondingly long.

Already knew? Orbit-KH facade plasters are also ideal for the colored coating of concrete surfaces.

ALLIGATOR Orbit-KH facade plasters