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Set Powerful New Impulses

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Set Powerful New Impulses
Set Powerful New Impulses

Video: Set Powerful New Impulses

Video: Set Powerful New Impulses

Alligator Farbwerke, based in Enger, Westphalia, has started to develop a new corporate strategy with which they want to be even more marketable in the future. The head of brand management, Stefan Bernhart, explains the individual components.

Malerblatt: What is the new strategy based on? Stefan Bernhart: Intensive market analyzes led to a strategy that builds on the brand strengths and values of the company and is geared towards the needs of the craft and trade. The communication goal “The strong Alligator brand makes work easier!” Should be

tangible and visible.

You want the painter with simple,. get clear messages. What do they look like? A key message is: "From craftsmen for craftsmen". And so it is only logical that the team speaks the language of the craft. Short distances and flat hierarchies, combined with expert employees, enable active and intensive customer care. The excellent product quality is an important foundation of the brand and stands for "proven alligator quality". The range has been tailored to the needs of the market and gives retailers and tradesmen "exactly the

products you need.

You are also committed to predictability. How is that expressed? A fair pricing policy makes it easier and safer for our customers to "calculate fairly and reliably with Alligator". That is all together: Alligator makes it easy.

And that is why the alligator also plays the main role on the new advertising motifs? The company has set itself the task of

translating the brand strengths into the alligator principle and introducing a new visual language. The core messages are "Instinctive", "Powerful", "Structured", "Uncompromising" and "Predictable".

The alligator reflects the mission statement in the new, concise visual language and will be the clear main characteristic of the brand.

The interview was conducted by Martin Mansel

practice plus

The paint manufacturer's brand strategy is based on these five key messages:

  • Instinctively
  • Powerful
  • Structured
  • Uncompromising
  • Predictable