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Miropan Interior Paint

Miropan Interior Paint
Miropan Interior Paint

Video: Miropan Interior Paint

Video: Miropan Interior Paint

The proven Miropan interior paint based on silicone resin from ALLIGATOR will be free of preservatives from March.

The dull matt, highly diffusible silicone resin paint of opacity class 1 and wet abrasion class 1 stands for the highest demands and is ideally suited for sensitive living areas with a healthy indoor climate. Optimal open time, highly opaque and insensitive to grazing light - these are the characteristics that distinguish the new Miropan interior paint.

If the construction of wall and ceiling surfaces in private and commercial areas is to be completely free of preservatives with dispersion products, the processing of the new Tiefgrund LKF, also available from March 2018, in combination with the Miropan interior paint LKF is the perfect choice. The new quality is also the ideal product choice for surfaces with a high incidence of grazing light and can be used as a coating for projection surfaces.

For you as a processor, the processing properties are of course an important criterion for evaluating a silicone resin interior paint. In view of this property, the Miropan interior color also excels. It is also extremely hard-wearing in dark and intense colors. Also very good to repair with an optimal finish.

From March 2018, convince yourself of this premium silicone resin interior paint from ALLIGATOR.

More information on the Miropan interior paint LKF will be available from March 2018 on www.alligator.de

Source: Alligator

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