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Video: Kieselite

Video: Kieselite
Video: HIGHLIGTHS - ISHØJ IF - KIES ELITE U15 CUP 2018 2023, December

Silicate paints are suitable for new buildings as well as for listed buildings. But what makes it special?

One of the most important properties of silicate paints is the silicification with mineral substrates to form an insoluble unit. The physical properties of the building are also different from those of dispersion or silicone resin paints: silicate paints do not tend to soften and are therefore not susceptible to dirt. However, it is important that the dispersion content is below 5%, as is also prescribed in accordance with DIN 18363.

But modern silicate paints can do much more and are therefore very trendy! The ALLIGATOR Kieselite fusion also has other impressive properties:

  • Modern lithium sol silicate protects against potash efflorescence
  • Self-cleaning through photocatalytic effect
  • Slight tendency to chalk
  • Rapid surface drying due to moderate hydrophobicity
  • Biocide-free protection against algae and fungal attack through alkalinity and quick-drying surface
  • Highest color stability of class A

Convince yourself of our top product Kieselit-Fusion!

For those who prefer the classic, simply use the Kieselit facade paint or the Kieselit classic silicate from ALLIGATOR. Of course, all three products are ready for processing, biocide-free and comply with DIN 18363.

Get to know the Kieselit family even better here: www.alligator.de