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ALLFAcolor: Simply Unique

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ALLFAcolor: Simply Unique
ALLFAcolor: Simply Unique

Video: ALLFAcolor: Simply Unique

Video: ALLFAcolor: Simply Unique
Video: Arkistar - Simply unique 2023, December

We spend many hours a day indoors. This can be, for example, an office or practice, living room or bedroom. And wherever we influence the color design of these rooms, it is an expression of our personal style

The wishes are as diverse as they are individual: light, dark, pastel or intense.

This is what our new ALLFAcolor fingerprint stands for: uniquely implementing every color request.

Individuality to take away

The new sound systems are also presented to match. Provided with the ALLFAcolor branding for the first time, they reflect the individuality that ALLLFAcolor offers you. Shades that are tinted exactly as desired.

Easy. Fast. On site.

Tinting 2019

Their inner workings are even more important than the new look of the systems. Because as part of Tinting 2019 we are changing our tinting paste system. This ensures greater user friendliness and greater efficiency. New tinting pastes and exact dosing stand for extremely stable color results.

The new ALLFAcolor: simply unique.

Identify with color

So that you can clearly assign our ALLFAcolor products in the future, our new fingerprint will gradually replace the previous logo.

The new logo can be found on the product labels and in the brochures.

The old logo is gradually disappearing from the wholesalers' shelves.