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Simply New. Triple Good

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Simply New. Triple Good
Simply New. Triple Good

Video: Simply New. Triple Good

Video: Simply New. Triple Good
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The Multi-Grund 3 in 1 LEF from ALLIGATOR is a real problem solver. For at least three areas of application …

1. Smooth walls and ceilings with high grazing light

Multi-Grund 3 in 1 LEF extends the open time of subsequent coats by 6 times compared to conventional primers! This makes streak-free surfaces very easy. Even on particularly critical surfaces in extreme grazing light.

2. Mineral plasters and concrete

that have not yet fully reacted If you paint them in an intense shade, it can lead to annoying lime efflorescence on the surface. Multi-Grund 3 in 1 LEF acts as a limescale blocker: efflorescence is integrated. When revising z. B. with Orbit-Hybrid you achieve a uniformly perfect facade surface.

3. Silicate coatings on gypsum-containing substrates (especially partially filled surfaces)

This often leads to changes in the color of the silicate plaster or paint. A single intermediate coat with Multi-Grund 3 in 1 LEF offers the solution here too! It is therefore perfectly suitable as a base coat under ALLIGATOR Art Nobile, the design interior plaster based on silicate.

The new primer thus replaces the ALLIGATOR primers Orbit Grund and Art Deco Grund. However, it sets new standards in the extension of the open time and thus becomes a real all-rounder.

Simplify your day-to-day work with the help of this multi-talent!