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Healthy Living
Healthy Living

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Video: Healthy Living
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The demand for high-quality mineral interior paints and coatings has been growing for years.

Living healthy and living ecologically - has long been more than just a trend.

Kieselit-Bio-Mineral LEF satisfies the demand for a pleasant indoor climate in a consistent way. The proven classic is free from solvents, plasticizers and preservatives. This makes the silicate paint ideal for sensitive living areas that require a healthy and natural climate. This has been independently tested and confirmed by the Institute for Environment and Health with the product label "Suitable for allergy sufferers". For children and allergy sufferers in particular, the low allergenic potential means enormous added value in terms of living quality.

The naturally silicate Kieselit-Bio-Mineral LEF is highly diffusible. Because the silicification with mineral substrates does not form a film that closes the surface. The physical building function of the wall to regulate the room climate is retained. Together with the natural alkalinity of the binder, this provides the coating with natural protection against mold and fungus.

Visually high-quality surfaces can be easily achieved with the ready-to-use interior paint in conjunction with the top system product Kieselit primer. Kieselit-Bio-Mineral LEF with opacity class 1 and wet abrasion class 2 is also ideal for use as a coating reinforcement in conjunction with ALLFAtexx coating fleece (GV 35).

The classic in the field of silicate interior paints can be tinted in different container sizes on site at your trading partner. A test certificate for the disinfectant resistance and the pollutant test acc. TÜV certificates are of course available for the proven Kieselit-Bio-Mineral LEF.

Convince yourself of the naturally silicate Kieselit interior paint from ALLIGATOR.

Further information on Kieselit-Bio-Mineral LEF can be found at www.alligator.de