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New Colorimeter ColorReaderPRO From Alligator

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New Colorimeter ColorReaderPRO From Alligator
New Colorimeter ColorReaderPRO From Alligator

Video: New Colorimeter ColorReaderPRO From Alligator

Video: New Colorimeter ColorReaderPRO From Alligator
Video: Guida Color Reader PRO by Covema 2023, April

What color would you like? A color measurement device is a good choice to implement customers' ideas and wishes. With the new ColorReaderPRO from ALLIGATOR you can now easily determine color tones

Would you like to find the right wall color for your sofa, carpet or bed? But what color is your sofa? With the ColorReaderPRO it is very easy to determine every color in seconds. Thanks to the integrated Bluetooth function, the measured color tones are transferred directly to the free “Datacolor ColorReader” app, which contains our ALLIGATOR Impulse 6000 color collection in addition to the NCS and RAL collections.

You can now find, compare and save color tones even faster and easier - and ultimately have your ALLIGATOR product tinted in the desired color.

Use as a single device or with the APP

The ColorReaderPRO can be used individually or in combination with the app from datacolor. The powerful color measuring device has a display on which you can read the color without your smartphone or tablet. In combination with the app, your customers can, in addition to the color search, also view color harmonies, share measured colors and palettes, and thus exchange information with customers and colleagues even more efficiently.

During the measurement, the device compares the imported color with the stored collections. As a result, three colors are output that best match the measured color. The three colors are displayed both in the app and on the display.

Ask your ALLIGATOR consultant about our new ColorReaderPRO or have a look here: www.alligator.de

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