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That Was The FAF

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That Was The FAF
That Was The FAF

Video: That Was The FAF

Video: That Was The FAF
Video: FAF 2019 Второй этап Первый тур часть1 2023, December

Future topics, trends, products and voices from the most important industry event for the painting trade.

Author: Martin Mansel | Photos: Malerblatt

The donkey always calls himself first, so it is said. Yes, in this case he does it with pride. While normally our respective counterparts are always in the focus of the reporting, I start this FAF 2019 review with a summary of our own appearance. Because there was no breathing space for our photographer Marco Leibetseder and his team at the Malerblatt stand. Already on the first morning of the fair, a small line of waiting people formed on the set, while at other stands there was still a yawning emptiness. So it went on until the final whistle on Saturday at 4 p.m. The result: A total of 383 guests from our stand were able to carry their portrait home in their pockets. A new record. This year's photo campaign was sponsored by Brillux and the campaign “Your future is colorful”, which will be discussed later. Our stand ladies, whose task it was to win new painter sheet readers in the anniversary year, were also hard-working. It's hard to believe that there are still people who don't know the Malerblatt. We were pleased that many long-term subscribers took advantage of the opportunity to visit us at the stand, for example master painter Werner Klocke from Lage.

Student reporters even on the move

"Look, the painter's sheet is handing out T-shirts," said a lady in the bustle of the fair. No, it wasn't. The boys and a girl, who were out and about in the striking red T-shirts on all four days of the fair, were master students from the Stuttgart technical college, who were out for the Malerblatt as knife reporters. Her videos have been clicked on our Facebook page more than 15,000 times so far (as of April 2).

Including one from the somewhat bleak Green Mobility Area in Hall 8. Nevertheless, Sascha Auer from Sortimo was very satisfied with the number of visitors and above all with the sales. He was able to bring five of the new freight pedelecs to the painter with tilting technology every day and confirmed: "The topic has arrived in the trade." The student reporters and I also did a few laps and are convinced that the bike with its 140 kg payload is a real one Can be an asset to the fleet. The only thing missing is a decent infrastructure.

Keeping an eye on the offspring

Brillux made a brilliant comeback with its appearance in Hall 7. After the Münster residents decided against attending the painting trade at the largest industry trade fair in 2016, they came back all the more in 2019. With a clear commitment to the industry, to the craft businesses and to the next generation. Brillux redefined the young people's initiative “Your future is bright” in the fourth year of its existence at FAF 2019. This is also supported by a new logo and the training and service portfolio presented on a total of 1,500 square meters. The dzib appearance was certainly the highlight of this year's fair. The stand visitors could hear lectures on training topics on various topics, in a variety of activities,For example, take part in a practice application interview or take a look behind the scenes of the Brillux Academy video studio. As a prominent guest star and supporter of the new dzib look, rapper Samy Deluxe was at the stand to get young people excited about the craft together with the Brillux team.


Digitization is a huge topic in the trade, which was also reflected in the appearances in Cologne. For example, Sto also presented a number of digital solutions together with partners. “Together digitally on the move” was the name of the offer for networking craftsmen, customers and manufacturers. A highlight was the zip.app from Jetter, a tool for communication that is harmless under data protection law (more about zip.app from p. 60).

Winworker was also in Cologne with a large team and presented, among other things, the new BIM connection of their software. The digital construction site makes it possible to add a lot of additional information to 3D models.

Kerstin Moser from Moser Software also invited you to familiarize yourself with the possibilities for mobile work or the apps for measurement or time recording.

With the Blue Link app, Peter Kluivers from Graco showed a new approach to managing sprayers. With the software solution, the user always has many technical aspects in view, whether it is order progress, maintenance requirements or simply localization. RAL colors from Bonn showed current color design tools. These complement the existing color systems. The RAL Design System plus now consists of 1,825 colors.

Floor, wall, ceiling

The Thomsit appearance in Hall 7 was not at all inconspicuous. The magenta was almost burning in the eyes. But painters are also making ground today, which is why the PCI group wanted to clearly point out its laying systems at FAF under the motto "We dance to five weddings".

The profile and decorative strip manufacturer NMC presented a new premium brand in Cologne. The name Noel & Marquet will in future combine tradition and modernity and stand for a new world of creative room design.

Renewable raw materials

Keim has always been committed to sustainability and healthy living. In addition to the large range of mineral colors, the Diedorf-based company presented the Marano spatula, a ready-to-use product that is supposed to provide the right surface.

Caparol is committed to replacing synthetic materials with materials made from renewable raw materials and has been intensively developing the topic since FAF 2016. Three years ago, hemp insulation was the trade show horse, this year it was camelina and potato starch. Both the new universal glaze Geo and the interior wall paint PlantaGeo contain innovations from our own development laboratories. In the case of the "PlantaGeo" interior wall paint, modified potato starch replaces the previous fully synthetic binder. Caparol claims to be the only paint manufacturer in Germany that has so far been able to produce a high-quality binder from a waste product. As the company emphasizes, no food is processed here, only the washing water from the potato production.

The Universal Glaze Geo contains a binding agent that is obtained from camelina. It is a renewable raw material, the cultivation of which is particularly sustainable. For this product, DAW received the Greentec Award 2018 in the building and living category.

Preservative free

Another noticeable topic for the future: More and more manufacturers are converting at least part of their production to free of preservatives. One of the pioneers is Diessner from Berlin, who not only showed a full range of preservative-free paints at FAF, but also a whole system with the associated primer and spatula.

Creative surfaces

Akzo Nobel's appearance is just one example of the further development of color trends. This shows that the trend colors, Sikkens calls them ColourFutures, are being tailored more and more precisely, whether for private homes, work environments or leisure architecture. The colors should express how we want to live, work, learn or relax today.

And what else?

What remains unforgettable Certainly the metal horse from our stand neighbors Fakolith, who greeted me with his sad eyes every morning and said goodbye in the evening. Also the unusual exhibitors in Hall 8: Australian brush manufacturers who have decided to open up the European market with their products. In the future, we will be on the lookout for clever ideas shown at the FAF, such as the swallow boxes at iWDVS, which can be integrated into an insulation facade. Also noticeable is the increase in gel-like consistencies, for example with primers or leveling compounds. And of course not to forget the alligator's highly visible eye in Hall 6.

You will find more in-depth information about the innovations mentioned in this article and many more on the following pages and in many cases also supplementary videos on our homepage.

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Werner Klocke (left)

and Malerblatt


Martin Mansel

The Malerblatt knife reporters were on all four days of the fair.

Swallow boxes in the insulation facade.

Stefan Marco Sicconi, Managing Director of Akzo Nobel Deco GmbH, At FAF we are not only presenting new

products, but also new services

for the painter

Stefan Bernhart, Head of Brand Management at Alligator Farbwerke

The new label design provides all

important information at a glance

Gabriele Ploghöft, marketing, press and public relations at Brillux

With our trade fair appearance, we concentrate entirely on the young talent in the painting and plastering trade

Annika Murjahn, project manager Caparol Icons

With the new brochure

"Why Caparol Icons"

processors can bring their end customers closer to all properties of the products

Robert Schuster, FAF exhibition management

This year we followed a new concept to bring more young people and trainees

into contact with the manufacturers

Samy Deluxe

I am a fan of skills.

If we carried these craft

trades out more, more people would find themselves in these professions