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Relaunch. ALLIGATOR's New Website

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Relaunch. ALLIGATOR's New Website
Relaunch. ALLIGATOR's New Website

Video: Relaunch. ALLIGATOR's New Website

Video: Relaunch. ALLIGATOR's New Website
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The ALLIGATOR website has been given a new coat of paint. The aim was to bring them up to date optically and technically. For mobile devices as well as for desktop devices

The redesign of the entire website not only included the revision of the inner values, the outer values also played a major role. The content was given more structure with a clear focus on the customer journey. In addition, the core messages and the brand image were placed more in the foreground: the presence of the alligator is omnipresent.

The product overviews and pages have been clearly structured. Product details can be found quickly and easily. In addition to the website, the new farbgestalter_online was also launched - color design software for the craftsman. There you have the option of colorizing existing images or uploading and editing your own images.

The newly designed magazine area serves as a collection point for various content: news, processing instructions, ideas, tips & tricks, trend topics, videos and much more. This area should serve as a source of inspiration and information.

The dealer search has also been revised so that a local partner can be found quickly and easily at any time. So you can get to your responsible ALLIGATOR specialist and trading partner without any detours.

Conclusion: The navigation is intuitive, all information can be found where you think it is. An attractive and clear website has been created that simply guides you through the pages and gives you pleasure.

Just surf by and click through at www.alligator.de