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Art Caltino Color Collection

Art Caltino Color Collection
Art Caltino Color Collection

Video: Art Caltino Color Collection

Video: Art Caltino Color Collection
Video: Conté Color Collection - Coloring Pencils 2023, November

The high-quality, silicate interior filling technique Art Caltino from ALLIGATOR gives wall surfaces a natural surface character. Matte concrete and natural stone optics can be created in just a few steps.

After the correct preparation of the substrate, Art Caltino is primed in a first step with the Venetian trowel in the desired color in an irregular structure but with the same layer thickness. If the material is colored, mix the paste well with the base material.

The second step is to apply Art Caltino on the completely dry surface with a Venetian trowel in the desired look. After a short flash-off time (approx. 20-30 minutes), lightly smooth out with the same tool.

17 equally modern and subtle colors are available to create distinctive and trendy wall surfaces. Let yourself be inspired by the new color fan Art Caltino. The print result is not only convincing in terms of color fidelity. The structure of the interior filler technique is also optimally presented.

All colors can be realized on site at the wholesaler using the ALLFAcolor tinting systems.

Top system products from Art Caltino are the ready-to-use, pigmented primer Multi-Grund 3 in 1 and the Art Deco impregnation. The latter protects the treated surfaces from splash water and at the same time intensifies the color.

Ask your ALLIGATOR consultant about the new color range from Art Caltino.

You can find information on the Art Caltino product here: www.alligator.de