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Set On Synthetic
Set On Synthetic

Video: Set On Synthetic

Video: Set On Synthetic
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Mesko-Brush GmbH, founded in 1913, is one of the oldest and now also the largest manufacturers of brushes and paintbrushes in Germany. The company relies on modern manufacturing and self-developed innovations.

Photo: Mesko

There are no longer many brush manufacturers in Germany. Mesko, based in Wieseth near Ansbach in central Franconia, is one of the few manufacturers that have survived the "manufacturer's death" of the past 25 years. With the takeover of the small and artist brush manufacturer Lineo, the company recently expanded its product range. The artist brush manufacturer founded in the neighboring community of Bechhofen in 1911 was taken over in January 2019. Together they can look back on 214 years of experience in hair and bristle brush production.

The manufacturer sees itself as an expert for self-developed, fully synthetic cutlery materials and has meanwhile switched almost the entire range to modern synthetic fibers. The specially developed, fully synthetic mixtures are specially designed for every application and are constantly being developed in cooperation with paint and varnish manufacturers.

Mesko sees brushes with polyamide plastic holders as another idea for success, which has been consistently developed and marketed for over 20 years. As early as the 1990s, when many people badly talked about the plastic frames as cheap hardware store quality, the manufacturer said, the customer was constantly trying to communicate the advantages of this version. Today, in 2019, these polyamide frames are very popular on the market, regardless of whether they are flat, flat or radiator brushes, and a synonym for high quality.

Self-developed production lines

As the manufacturer explains, the in-house technology department develops machine solutions and even builds complete production lines yourself. However, standard machines are also purchased from conventional machine manufacturers and then adapted to the requirements. Mesko-Brush GmbH rates the tense situation on the job market as difficult. Qualified personnel for production and technical specialists can hardly be found. The consequence: investments in your own staff are therefore essential. Unfortunately, higher wages also have an impact on the manufacturing costs of the products.

Another challenge for brush manufacturers, whether in the area of coarse or fine hair, are the necessary raw materials. For economic reasons, there are no longer many raw material suppliers for handles, special metal clamps or natural hair. This results in certain dependencies in terms of raw material procurement and raw material prices.

Caring for the brush properly

Good professional tools should make the painter's job easier and help achieve a top result. Above all, these should help to save working time. The painter can also save costs with the correct care of his professional tools. If you take care of your brush and don't throw it away, you also help the environment.

Anyone looking for tips on how to clean brushes quickly and correctly can find them on the manufacturer's website.

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