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Applied Undiluted With Werner Schledt. Colored And Colorful

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Applied Undiluted With Werner Schledt. Colored And Colorful
Applied Undiluted With Werner Schledt. Colored And Colorful

Video: Applied Undiluted With Werner Schledt. Colored And Colorful

Video: Applied Undiluted With Werner Schledt. Colored And Colorful
Video: Color Tattoo - Timelapse with Real Time 2023, December

Only seven percent of Germans believe that with hard work and hard work we can make a fortune. That is the frightening result of a Postbank survey on the chances of reaching half a million. After all, about a third of the younger generation still thinks this is possible through home ownership. In contrast, one in five - in Eastern Germany even one in three - is betting on a lottery prize to build up such assets. The chance of 6 correct numbers is 1: 1.5 million. And so many can believe in it. What an inability.

Bright enthusiasm for dark blue

At the beginning of the year, the Pantone Color Institute again determined the color of the year. This time it is "Classic Blue", a very dark blue, which is used by furniture manufacturers, cosmetics companies and the fashion industry. The respective trend color has never played a role in the painter's trade and among our customers. It is also much shorter-lived than the renovation intervals. For the latest outfit - quickly out in the house or apartment.

Garbage for marketing

One voucher per roll - some bakers have asked their customers to throw the unpopular vouchers in the tax office's mailbox. Others collect them themselves and send them together to the Ministry of Finance. Creative people don't care, they make something out of it: an offer to take a picture of the amount on the screen of a special cash register with a cell phone and to print out the receipt yourself.

Much more entrepreneurial: make marketing out of the garbage and link the issued receipts with a competition every week via the numbers. Homemade advertising - fresh every day.

Facades like color photos

Facade painting, especially the large-scale painting of facades, mostly with naturalistic representations, is now increasingly seen, mainly in cities. This large-scale painting does not accompany and underline the architecture, but sets itself over it and uses the facade, usually strongly colored and loud, like an oversized canvas. Big cinema - but technically often brilliant.

In addition: "Die Montagsmaler" a top-class sponsorship course of the Guild of Rhine-Main for painters from the 3rd apprentice or journeyman up to the age of 35, are currently dealing with illusion painting. I could well imagine that in the end, with such a facade painting, they would show what they had learned. That would also be an unmistakable and media-effective advertisement for our creative profession.

Bait for kids

In a town in Upper Bavaria, where there is 98.6 percent full employment, a company advertises young “team players” with the following offer: “Team shirts, company car, tablet, cell phone including contract, monthly fuel voucher, holiday bonus and birthday present. In addition, help with finding an apartment and moving house, self-determined working hours and free training. “Great. But it is known that the bait does not have to taste good to the angler, but to the fish. Do they bite?

Not finished, but already colored

The facade of the new Romantic Museum in Frankfurt is not yet finished, but it is already colored. Far too colorful, say the numerous critics, who are bothered by the bright yellow and ask what made the architect choose this color, right next to the Goethe House. Indeed, the color scheme of a secondary architecture dominates that of the birthplace that was historically reconstructed after the war. And of course there are fears that “the next color in the light”, as Goethe called the delicate yellow, will soon drift off into the greenish-spotty due to the patina. On the other hand, yellow, as is known, is perceived peripherally earlier than all other colors. The new museum will therefore be the first to be in sight in the ensemble. Maybe that's what is wanted. Nevertheless, the criticism of this surface is not superficial.

The finest color theory

I was also no longer aware of the great role colors play in our fairy tales and the meaning they have there. An exhibition entitled “Red Cap, Blue Beard. Colors in a fairy tale”to the bottom. This is not just about the overarching importance of colors, you can also take advantage of color type advice in this “hands-on exhibition”, stand in gold-raining light installations and become active yourself with a wide range of optical offers. Of course, the models and color circles of the teachings of Goethe and Runge, both of which also wrote fairy tales, must also be studied. Color theory at its finest. The exhibition runs until April 13th. Perhaps an interesting destination for a company or guild outing.

Nomen est omen

An advertising agency discovered abroad called "customer loyalty". Good name. Still, the best customer loyalty is quality.


Author Werner Schledt was for decades a business consultant and association manager in the Hessian painting and varnishing trade.

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