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Sent In April - Werner Schledt Applied Undiluted

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Sent In April - Werner Schledt Applied Undiluted
Sent In April - Werner Schledt Applied Undiluted

Video: Sent In April - Werner Schledt Applied Undiluted

Video: Sent In April - Werner Schledt Applied Undiluted
Video: April 2023, December

Applied undiluted - The monthly series with Werner Schledt

"In April with his moods, you can be amazed at some things." The aphorist Oskar Stock rhymed that and in fact it is astonishing what you could read these days: "High wages spoil the mood" - at least for married women. They are more dissatisfied with their lives than women who earn less or as much as their partner. The most surprising thing about the evaluation of the German Institute for Economic Research, which evaluated the results of Germany's largest survey on living conditions: women who earn more than their husbands assess their lives measurably even a little worse than women who don't have their own Have income.

So: Dear employed wives in the painter's business of the married man: Don't ask for a higher salary at lunch than that of the boss. Stay happy!

At a snail's pace

Half of all residential buildings in Germany still come from the years 1949–1990, and almost a third of all CO2 emissions still come from poorly insulated houses and outdated heating systems. After all, something has changed for owners of owner-occupied real estate: From January 1, the tax office will contribute 20 percent of the costs for subsequent thermal insulation and grant a tax reduction - not just a reduction in taxable income - of up to 40,000 euros. That is a strong argument, also for our order advertising. In contrast, the rental apartments are moving slowly. To achieve the climate targets, the renovation rate would have to be doubled and grants in the double-digit billion range would have to be launched. But the reduction of the modernization levy to tenants is also required. According to the landlord, this could in turn mean that the renovation is progressing slowly. However, speed is required to promote energetic modernization - no snail's pace.

Spreads dissatisfaction

Actually, we are doing quite well, you might think. You think. Although hourly wages rose by 8 percent (adjusted for inflation) between 2013 and 2018, the unemployment rate has more than halved, skilled workers are desperately needed and social benefits are constantly being expanded, more than every second person in the country believes that our economic system does more harm than good.

When asked whether there is a better system than the market economy, only 48 percent answer “no” in West Germany, and less than a third in East Germany, despite all experiences with socialism. The dissatisfied look with envy at the rich, but do not compare themselves to their immediate neighbors or our neighboring countries, say scientists. Yes, dissatisfaction is spreading.

Traffic jam before construction

The time between planning permission and the first groundbreaking is getting longer and longer here and there for two years. The reasons: far too few employees and officials on the one hand and more and more regulations on the other. In Berlin z. For example, the rental cover will probably increase administrative expenses significantly and tie staff. The municipalities are already lacking almost 150,000 administrative specialists and one in four civil servants is over 55 and will soon retire. Then, unless processes are streamlined and older people postpone retirement to pass on their experiences, construction will take longer - much longer.

Speechless means no chance

Refugees who find it difficult to learn a language and do not continue their education - that is 13 percent, after all - have little chance of work and integration. On the other hand, every second person has found work five years after arrival, of which almost 70 percent is full-time or part-time, 20 percent in an apprenticeship or a paid internship. This is as encouraging for those concerned as for companies. It's just a shame that too many still don't opt for a school-leaving certificate or an apprenticeship because they want - or have to - earn money faster. You would have to convince them.

Germany needs more masters

We need more champions, not just soccer champions. That is why the federal government has now paved the way to the championship, from apprenticeships to the master craftsman exam, with a significantly expanded advancement BAföG and made training in the trade more attractive, also for students. In addition, z. B. Support for maintenance will no longer be paid back and start-ups may be given a debt-free start to self-employment by waiving the remaining loans. Many craftsmen can claim the extended funding. We can only hope that they will also take advantage of the BAföG.

Pay tuition again?

Yes, but unlike before, the state pays it today. For all training seminars of the guild Rhein-Main z. B. the course fees are paid by the Hessen Economic and Infrastructure Bank. One hundred percent.


Author Werner Schledt was for decades a business consultant and association manager in the Hessian painting and varnishing trade.

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