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Effect Coating. Strong Colors, Strong Effects

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Effect Coating. Strong Colors, Strong Effects
Effect Coating. Strong Colors, Strong Effects

Video: Effect Coating. Strong Colors, Strong Effects

Video: Effect Coating. Strong Colors, Strong Effects
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In this article we have put together some effect coatings: These bars are characterized by the use of shiny metallic surfaces and dark, strong colors.

Author: Petra Neumann-Prystaj | Photos: Caparol

Each bar has its own profile and special audience. All after-work and late-night establishments also have something in common: atmospheric lighting. No matter whether they are hiding in a basement or the showpiece of a hotel on the top floor. The darkness is celebrated and staged in bars, because it is the hollow impression of a room that gives visitors a feeling of security and privacy.

Variant 1: Different textures

In addition to the lighting and furnishings, the wall and ceiling design also make a significant contribution to the atmospheric effect of a bar and its uniqueness. Metallic surfaces in a wide variety of textures are ideal because they appear particularly interesting at night and come into their own. The skilled craftsman should achieve surprising effects with the dispersion paint Metallocryl Interior, regardless of whether the nightclub should present itself in a retro look or be representative. Like a chameleon, the effect coating adapts to the surroundings and reflects the respective lighting situation diffusely and very differently in daylight and artificial light.

Thanks to the creative surface technology, which always bears the signature of the craftsman, individual results are achieved - regardless of whether it is filled, brushed or mixed with quartz sand. Master painter and painter Markus Wedel added: “On smooth walls, the interior color comes into its own in a fine, uniform structure that is particularly high-quality and elegant; Expressive, lively surfaces can be created on coarse substrates and with quartz sand addition (MET pearl), which also fit into rooms and bars with a used look. Here, the high-quality surface, applied in an unconventional manner, can be an exciting contrast to other, less valuable materials, such as a worn concrete floor in a student bar.”

Variant 2: effect coating

This “shiny property” of the metallocryl coating gives the bar of the Kurhaushotel Bad Salzhausen its unique character. The gold-colored ceiling, illuminated by crystal chandeliers, looks noble and matches the classic ambience with furniture in a dark wood look. Through the high windows you can see a park landscape. During the day, the effect coating applied with the brush in a cross stroke reflects the natural environment and makes the ceiling appear greenish. In the evening the impression is significantly warmer, almost brownish. The exclusive, dignified bar atmosphere with noble ceiling design matches the guests looking for relaxation in the traditional hotel in a rural setting.

Variant 3: reduced look

In the Darmstadt "Wellnitz", a former bookstore, the bar room was modeled on the "Hillstreet Club", which the owner had previously operated. A mixture of "coolness, charm and cellar" is reminiscent of the gastronomic origin. The manufacturer has developed a dark gray shade (Capadecor Calcino Romantico) especially for the walls of the bar, which was applied using a spatula technique and gives the room a simple elegance. The rustic-looking ceiling, coated with metallocryl in anthracite gray, is reminiscent of old iron structures and underlines the retro look. What is unusual is the very dark atmosphere in the room, where there is hardly any contrast between floor, wall and ceiling. "The result is an almost night-black space envelope for relaxed immersion,that optically retracts and deliberately draws attention to the trendy lighting, furnishings and accessories,”says graduate designer Martina Lehmann from the ColorDesignStudio.

Variant 4: high pigment content

The bar of the Frankfurt restaurant Maxie Eisen surprises with walls in bright lapis lazuli blue. Through the large shop windows towards the street, a lot of light falls into the room during the day and makes the blue glow. At night, the bar atmosphere is mysterious, especially when the shadows of the guests are visible on the walls and mirrors. This space is characterized by the very smooth, shiny and monochrome surfaces. The bar looks chic, strong and extroverted. The particularly high pigment content of the blue wall coating from the Caparol Icons interior color collection is said to ensure captivating brilliance. It should give the impression that the walls are covered with the finest, shimmering silk.

The color name "Ode to joy" is reminiscent of Beethoven's 9th symphony and the

European anthem. In combination with metallic, copper-colored wall cladding and the matching stools, a cool ambience is created that fits into the big city and appeals to a trend-oriented, young-at-heart audience.

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