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Special Facade Design Thanks To Different Degrees Of Gloss

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Special Facade Design Thanks To Different Degrees Of Gloss
Special Facade Design Thanks To Different Degrees Of Gloss

Video: Special Facade Design Thanks To Different Degrees Of Gloss

Video: Special Facade Design Thanks To Different Degrees Of Gloss

Only products from one manufacturer were used for the facade of a new hotel in Bad Kreuznach. The special attraction when using the two facade colors lies in their different degrees of gloss.

Photos: Profitec

The craftsmen covered around 3000 square meters with the ETICS system PUR B1 Premium. This system offers a decisive advantage: from the base to the roof, the same insulation material can be used throughout. This means a rational execution and material-saving processing for the specialist. Compared to standard products, the insulation material should be up to 35 percent thinner and still meet the strict fire protection requirements.

Matt meets shiny

In accordance with the corporate identity requirements of Leonardo Hotels, the Wuppertal-based company "Neudahm Hotel Interior Design" coordinated the color scheme for the new building. The Leonardo red shade RAL 3003 is particularly striking, and has proven to be a challenge when it comes to color stability. This was solved by the universal house color, tinted in the Profitec color system Façade Solid with color stability class A. Thus, the striking signal color should remain intense and bright for a long time. The main façade areas including the projecting ground floor area were painted with Profitec Acrylosan in white and gray. The facade paint based on the latest silicone resin-pure acrylate combination has optimized chalking stability and pigment binding capacity. Thus, the entire facade should be permanently protected against weathering.

The different gloss levels of both top coats create a harmonious overall picture: The red areas have a slightly iridescent shimmer when exposed to direct sunlight. The rest of the facade has a more mineral and therefore matt character. An aesthetic contrast that comes into its own when the sky is blue.

Execution and planning of the special facade design

The ETICS construction and all subsequent plastering and painting work were carried out by the Steinwender company "Heil Maler GmbH". The architects chose the silicone facade plaster as the substrate. The facade coating with scratch-plaster structure has an increased surface hydrophobicity, which should make the outer shell water-repellent, open to diffusion and weatherproof.

The complex was planned by RS-Plan AG. The five-story new building captivates with its high-quality ambience and has modern equipment such as acoustics, conference technology, ventilation and lighting.

The hotels in the spa town of Bad Kreuznach have so far mainly focused on the requirements of guests from the health industry and tourism. The new opening of the four-star Leonardo Hotel at Otto-Meffert-Strasse 1 completes the offer especially for business travelers. The need gap for this target group should now be covered.

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Products used

  • ETICS system PUR B1 Premium
  • Facade paint Profitec Acrylosan
  • Profitec solid facade color system