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Design Concept Of Apartment 155. Where The Rhino Greets

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Design Concept Of Apartment 155. Where The Rhino Greets
Design Concept Of Apartment 155. Where The Rhino Greets

Video: Design Concept Of Apartment 155. Where The Rhino Greets

Video: Design Concept Of Apartment 155. Where The Rhino Greets
Video: Sci-fi Apartments - 3D Speed art | TimeLapse (#Rhinoceros, #3DsMax, #Vray, #ForestPack, #Photoshop) 2023, December

When a renowned architect designs his own apartment, you can expect something special. For example, a game with colors, decors, designs, shapes, materials and exotic finds.

Armin Scharf | Photos: Eric Laignel

No, you won't find a crocodile here. That would perhaps also be a little too exotic, in the middle of Stuttgart, under the roof of a Wilhelminian style building. But a rhinoceros would be present, greets the visitor when he enters the very special wonder home world and says goodbye to him when he disappears into the profane Swabian outside world. But wait, the rhino is not one, even if it looks like it. "Made of cardboard", the architect whispers with a smile under his horny head, who looks down smugly. Because the two residents of the maisonette do not hunt, neither big game nor other animals. Rather, they are collectors, travelers through different cultures and places. It goes without saying that something always comes home with it. Today, we leave the way of the sometimes quite large souvenirs ultimately finding their way to Stuttgart. You are just there. For example, the meter-long bench from India, which invites you to linger in the triangular hall, guarded by the rhino. Linger, orient, absorb. Because what awaits the visitor here is a kind of three-dimensional collage, consisting of art objects, found objects from all over the world and design objects.

Rhinoceros and Wilhelminian Style Tiles

All of this is carefully arranged, coordinated and held together by a continuous design idea. It is by no means about presenting artifact to artifact, but rather linking the individual objects together to create an eventful, sensually challenging interior.

The hallway is, so to speak, the lock in this universe of subtle to striking astonishments. As usual in the Wilhelminian era, all other rooms dock onto the attuning hallway, always opening up a small sub-universe. The salon is waiting at the top of the hallway, because the name living room would simply be too simple for the room, which is characterized by strong color and shape contrasts. Light blue stretches across the walls and the ceiling, on which two white, overlapping circular areas along with round lights spread out. This contrasts with high-pile carpets and a lemon-yellow shelf.

The adjoining dining room is dominated by textile materials, from dark green silk wallpaper to hand-crocheted paper yarn curtains. And the ceiling is adorned with a painting by Alix Waline, like a highly dynamic flock of countless birds.

The adjoining oriel room is psychedelic - the wallpaper, which plays with blurring and twisted squares and challenges the eye. The change between the individual rooms seems like a journey through a wide variety of worlds: the staircase room with its preserved, original oak parquet flooring and the large vaulted ceilings stages a hand-printed wallpaper from England. The opulence of the jungle spread out there corresponds to a suspended pendant lamp and the large wooden horse from India. The old, massive radiator in plain white and the plain staircase provide the contrast. By the way, the stairs with their dark green run and the purple steps were coated with two-component PU acrylic varnish and the walls were given a careful Q3 finish before wallpapering.

The cacti are waiting above

On the upper floor of the maisonette apartment there are bedrooms including a dressing room, the salmon-colored bathroom and the fitness room with a fresh color mood. The continuous dark parquet even enhances the effect of the white-lemon-yellow combination, making the yellow that runs gently into the white of the ceiling appear even lighter.

In comparison, the work room presents itself quite simply, from which the view of the old trees around the house is visible. Without any decorative elements, the room initially appears very objective, neutral and does not seem to have anything in common with the rest of the apartment. If it weren't for the numerous cacti that bring a green, lively touch and connect to the green outside.

Construction board


Private apartment, Stuttgart


Ippolito Fleitz Group, Stuttgart


Michael Wachsmutz, Rudersberg;

Boschert interior design, Gengenbach