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Straightforward Color Concept: Cubic Family Home In An Idyll

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Straightforward Color Concept: Cubic Family Home In An Idyll
Straightforward Color Concept: Cubic Family Home In An Idyll

Video: Straightforward Color Concept: Cubic Family Home In An Idyll

Video: Straightforward Color Concept: Cubic Family Home In An Idyll
Video: THE COLOUR THEORY!! 2023, December

At Georg Stiens' farm, visitors will not only find cattle and their stables, but also an architectural highlight in the midst of the idyllic landscape. A cubic family home that impresses with clear shapes and a wonderful view.

Author: Jessica Klapp | Photos: Caparol / Alexandra Lechner

The result is an impressive building, the exterior of which is dominated by a contrasting play of colors from black and white. A seemingly floating cube with sloping walls protrudes from the two-story, white plastered building, supplemented by a roof terrace with a breathtaking view. The anthracite-colored facade panels let this part of the building come into its own again. The facade received effective protection through a facade insulation system. This solution made of proven EPS insulation material and selected organic components is shockproof and prevents heavy soiling. It was plastered with a silicone resin plaster on which the white facade paint was applied. This carbon fiber reinforced, filling silicone resin paint has a high hiding power and is resistant to dirt and UV light. The high quality,The building envelope, which is open to diffusion, ensures a healthy and pleasant feel-good climate that keeps the warmth in the house in winter and cools it in summer.

Inside you will find a straightforward concept with subdued colors. "The colors are subordinate to the architecture," says architect Ute Döring. "Every color nuance, every tone, was precisely balanced and matched to the premises," adds Kirstin Bachmann from the ColorDesignStudio.

High-quality materials

For example, the two experts extracted a shade of green from a painting in the office to create the same wall color. "We paid attention to details. So the ceiling of the bedroom had to be painted again. After the lamps were attached, the ceiling suddenly appeared gray when they were emitted,”says Bachmann. "Another shade of white solved the problem."

The anthracite-colored wall in the stairwell appears particularly noble. The Lohrengel painting company worked here with high quality products. The staircase had already been painted before, but Kirstin Bachmann impressively convinced the landlord of the need for a new coat of paint: “After looking at the wall, I ran my fingers a little harder over the surface. They left unsightly bright marks, at the sight of which Mr. Stiens held your breath,”smiles Bachmann. "This so-called writing effect occurs with matt interior paints, on whose open-pored porous surface, scratching reveals lighter pigment particles," explains Daniel Dietrich, managing partner of the Lohrengel company. “PremiumColor has proven itself especially in dark colors as a means against the writing effect.“The noble matt surface of the paint offers an intense color brilliance. A protective finish was also used. Light scratches excluded.

In the living area too, a wall is accented in dark gray and effectively staged with a spatula technique. It forms a wonderful contrast to the open-plan living area, which thanks to floor-to-ceiling windows offers a view of nature. "This generous transparency to the outside, the view over the garden, was very important to me," said Georg Stiens. "I just feel comfortable in this house - everything is unique."

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Products used

Caparol PremiumColor

Caparol PremiumClean

Caparol Indeko-plus

alsecco Alprotect Quattro

(160 + 240 mm)

alsecco Alsilite Aero

alsecco Alsicolor Carbon