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Bathroom Design: Wellness Instead Of Coal

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Bathroom Design: Wellness Instead Of Coal
Bathroom Design: Wellness Instead Of Coal

Video: Bathroom Design: Wellness Instead Of Coal

Video: Bathroom Design: Wellness Instead Of Coal

Black turned white: a former coal depot is now used as an exclusive bathing temple.

Author / Photos: Andrea Nuding

An inconspicuous warehouse building of the WLZ (Württembergisch-Landwirtschaftliche Zentralgenossenschaft) from the 1950s. The rooms in the basement were covered with coal dust from floor to ceiling. Ideal conditions to make a bathroom out of it. The former coal storage room and the chutes through which the coal landed one floor below are transformed into a first-class feel-good temple. Nothing is missing in the bathroom, the sauna adjacent helps you to relax and also heats up on particularly cold days.

The continuous floor covering made of a synthetic resin filler with a layer thickness of only two millimeters can also be adjusted in color in countless variations. As a finish, the floor got a glossy lacquer surface.

Lime plastering technology

The generously dimensioned shower can be accessed easily and barrier-free. The material of the floor and the steps continues into the shower area, while the toilet and bathtub are raised by two steps, almost like on a throne. The toilet is also highlighted by the design of the rear wall with a glazed lime plaster technique. The "barn finds" of the house also include a frequently used workbench, which is being used as a washstand. Upcycling of a very special kind: robust and elegant. Today the former coal cellar is a room with almost magical radiance.

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used material


Resina Materia synthetic resin filler from Elekta for

seamless design of walls

and floors, glossy lacquer finish.

Schütten wall coating:

breathable swamp lime plaster

Travertino Romano by Oikos

Wall surfaces: Materia Effetto Monokroma struttorato (concrete color), matt lacquer finish.

Toilet rear wall:

Travertino lime plaster glazed in concrete look.

Wooden ceiling: Inco germ