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Monument Protection. Accented Color Scheme

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Monument Protection. Accented Color Scheme
Monument Protection. Accented Color Scheme

Video: Monument Protection. Accented Color Scheme

Video: Monument Protection. Accented Color Scheme
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Monument protection: The color scheme of the facade of a listed building turns the neglected gem into a representative bridgehead to the old town of Rheinfelden.

Author: Charly Kahle | Photos: Caparol / alexandralechner.com

A lightly veiled aquamarine blue with contrasting friezes and ornaments now shines in the spotlight at night:

Color design of listed buildings

With the aspiration to combine modernity and monument protection into a harmonious overall concept, Petra Ruhnau from Caparol Color Design Studio developed the color design for the interior. Her concept combines old = and new primarily through an accentuated color scheme, the modernity of which includes the high-quality interior design.

In the stairwell, a rosé tone visually integrates the striking historical tiles, while the white stucco on the ceiling stands out in high contrast. Bright rooms in shell white with white stucco on a mauve ceiling welcome the visitor in the foyer. The coating in the brush cross weft creates a sandy surface structure that gives the walls a particularly natural and valuable appearance.

In the brightly decorated reception area, color-coordinated wall elements enrich the atmosphere, which conveys inviting homeliness in soft tones from rosewood to mint green. The new boardroom met with a particularly positive response from visitors and employees alike. The highlight is a media wall with a granite gray surface in a concrete look. The elements on the side walls also expand the play of colors in sand beige, light gray, light blue and anthracite. This subtle combination of colors and materials creates a stimulating atmosphere in which discussions can be both creative and relaxed.

Exceeded expectations

Dieter Burger is very satisfied with the results of the renovation. “We wanted a modern concept that fits our company's goals. The result meets our high expectations."

The use of the Histolith product range on the facade and interiors has proven itself. An assessment that is shared by the executing painting companies.

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Products used

Facade: Histolith renovation filler, mineral facade plaster 5.0 mm, Histolith sol silicate

Interior: CapaMaxx, multi-structure, StuccoDecor de Luce, Capadecor Calcino-Romantic


Facade: Caparol FarbDesignStudio Dipl. Designer Meike Kranz

Histolith Aquamarin 20 with walls in Histolith Umbra dark 40, ornaments Histolith Weiß 95

Interior: Caparol FarbDesignStudio, Dipl. Designer Petra Ruhnau

All historical details

have been stylishly worked out

and modernly added.