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Short And Knowledgeable

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Short And Knowledgeable
Short And Knowledgeable

Video: Short And Knowledgeable

Video: Short And Knowledgeable
Video: Sean Buranahiran: TOP 10 Short STORIES OF WISDOM in English (MUST WATCH) 2023, December

The debate about the classification of titanium dioxide as "probably carcinogenic" is far from over. The EC member states have only adjourned to autumn. In contrast to the EU Chemicals Agency, industry representatives do not see titanium dioxide as a problem, but rather the dusts used in the corresponding animal experiments. It's difficult to say whether the scientists are just whiteners in the end. The only thing that is certain is that the topic will stir up a lot of dust.

Into the bin

Federal Minister of Family Affairs Franziska Giffey recently expressly welcomed the success of the Women's Day in Berlin as a success that women can now also become garbage collectors, pardoners. The only thing missing is the demand for a quota system. What rubbish.

Seize opportunities with your hands

In April I wrote about the alternative “master instead of master”. Under this heading, a psychologist in “Markt-Impulse” now writes that the roughly 30 percent of Bachelor students who drop out of their studies are not up to the task and the pace of learning, but discover the advantages of a practical job. The desire to use brains and hands and to do something that can be seen and gripped is growing. It is understandable that young people are increasingly taking their future into their own hands - and good for the craft.

Good and happy

The large Picasso exhibition in Basel about its blue and pink period is also a colorful treat. And of his many quotations, this made me particularly pondering: "I rest when I work." He did not keep an eye on duty according to the regulations, in which one can relax from the high demands and stress of the numerous leisure activities.

Rather, he wanted to say how relaxing and satisfying work is when you love it and enjoy doing it. Good and happy - a recipe for success.

Fragrance against thick air

A starter creativity team that develops fragrances for rooms has a keen nose for trends. In travel agencies, for example, creations of spicy air and sea to increase the length of time you spend planning your holiday, or in hotels as an additional stimulator that increases pleasant color effects. Business is now going well. There is something in the air, the manufacturers say. Who knows, maybe a fresh, unmistakable scent against thick air in the apartment, practice, school or in the gym. This could be an individual additional offer for painters with a nose for market gaps. Why not take a look?

Exercise instead of freak out

The resilience increases with the load. I've said that many times. From own experience. Now I read that this psychological effect as the "Yerkes-Dadson law" has been researched for a hundred years.

Accordingly, the performance of a person depends on how busy they are. Therefore, being under-challenged often causes us bigger problems

Late risers

Students who live in the Hotel Mama and have to go to university feel disadvantaged. One of them now described how he and others disadvantageed the one-hour ride on the S-Bahn compared to fellow students who live near the university and can sleep an hour longer, and how it affects him mentally. The newspaper actually did that. I'm afraid that there will be a bad awakening for some late risers after graduation.

Rubens by prescription

Canada has recently had art on prescription. There, 2000 doctors test the effects of this therapy for diabetes, depression and heart diseases. The realization that art can also heal is not new and is being scientifically proven more and more. Art viewing has already been ordered in several countries. Hopefully it will not be available on prescription.

Color of the year

"Pantone", the American color institute, regularly creates trends with the "Color of the Year", but only worth mentioning in the furniture, textile and fashion industries. "Living Coral", the color 2019, a coral red with a "golden undertone" - whatever that means - I could well imagine as a pleasant wall color in a well-kept restaurant. I would like it.

Successful in a row

Who would have thought that: for the fifth time in a row, the Johanniter was recognized by the news magazine Focus as "Top National Employer". Perhaps you should invite someone from them as a speaker to a guild event or conference and let them report on their power. May be more interesting than a PowerPoint presentation from the motivational guru.


Author Werner Schledt was for decades a business consultant and association manager in the Hessian painting and varnishing trade.

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The resilience increases with

the load

Pablo Picasso

I rest when I work