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Mostly Cheerful

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Mostly Cheerful
Mostly Cheerful

Video: Mostly Cheerful

Video: Mostly Cheerful
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The topic of thermal insulation continues to be hotly debated: in September the climate cabinet installed by the federal government is to adopt measures for more climate protection. It is to be hoped that the required tax deductibility of the costs for energy modernization of owner-occupied real estate, which make up almost half of all residential units, will not be met coldly.

Lovable work

"Choose a job that you love and you don't need to work a day in your life anymore" says an old saying. You can also have this happiness and success if you live the saying the other way round, that is, learn to love the profession you have chosen. This is obviously the case with many more people than is commonly claimed. This was also the result of a survey by the Allensbach Institute for Demoscopy. Over half of the professionals surveyed love the hours in which they work, as well as those in their free time. For many self-employed people, work is even more popular than the end of the day. I feel the same way: love of work is worth living.

Radical cure for restless people

Insa Klasing, a manager of the World Economic Forum, had to change her life radically after an accident. From this experience, she developed the so-called autonomy principle, which gives employees more freedom. Surprisingly, the reduced management resulted in neither chaos nor standstill, but the employees took on more and more responsibility. The successful manager's credo: Less daily business - more ideas, less leadership - more results. We have already said that there is something to it from the Refa group and knocked the slogan: "A well-organized company works even when the boss is there."

Check easily

This process has proven its worth: at the LIV Hessen, which assesses the expertise of the expert candidates on behalf of the chamber, the candidate explains his "report to the court after the assignment and site visit." The three-person examination committee takes on the roles of Richter and the defendant and plaintiff's representative. The questionnaire is like a negotiation. The candidate can prove expertise and convincing presentation better than with conventional queries. Such "tests as in real life" could also be made for journeyman and master - playfully.

Poetry and truth

It was refreshing, enlightening and in some cases also amusing, what the experienced and competent monument preserve told us painters while strolling through the so-called New Old Town in Frankfurt - the painter's newspaper reported -: "The old town of Frankfurt was given back!" because of the more than 1,200 historic buildings that fell victim to the firestorm, only 35 were reconstructed, 20 of them new and 15, some of which only look like the old ones. It is also interesting that the perfectly coherent coloring of the reconstructions was basically based on other facades of the same time and type and not, as the city guides vehemently described, on findings. Much in this old town is just like the old - poetry and truth hold. Of course, we did not reveal to the many Chinese who bustle here every day and have their picture taken with the memorial that the bust of the famous dialect from Frankfurt, Friedrich Stoltze, only resembles the portrait of Karl Marx.

Six colors of music

It was fun: On the occasion of a concert, which also had Goethe's theory of colors, to write a “script” for a pianist of rank about sensations and effects of colors, after which she interpreted the six basic colors musically. The virtuoso premiere was a great success. “Sound of six colors,” is the name of the improvisation, could also be heard and seen well at events for painters.


I have now read that there is construction noise that "everyone, but also really every craftsman" sonicates everything when working with the boxes fully open. Who the journalist was just busy with? With most artisans, the portable radio has long been out - beer, too, by the way.


Author Werner Schledt was for decades a business consultant and association manager in the Hessian painting and varnishing trade.

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Less daily business - more ideas

Learn to love the job you learned and you don't need to work a day in your life