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Applied Undiluted With Werner Schledt. Parcels And Small Packages

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Applied Undiluted With Werner Schledt. Parcels And Small Packages
Applied Undiluted With Werner Schledt. Parcels And Small Packages

Video: Applied Undiluted With Werner Schledt. Parcels And Small Packages

Video: Applied Undiluted With Werner Schledt. Parcels And Small Packages
Video: Logistics Auto Sorting Machine for Small Packages - Etown Technology in China 2023, December

The most important news first: The climate package is not yet in force (at the time of going to press?), Only the key points have been published - and the government is already hurting it. Let's see what's in it for us painters: pricing pollutants for buildings will bring us even more orders for energy-efficient modernization. Because this is not just about insulation, but also about heating, one should now think about attractive package solutions and partnerships across all trades, i.e. use synergy energetically.

It has not yet been decided what will happen to the diesel vehicles and whether there will also be a flat-rate relief for rural craft businesses that commute regularly to the cities. They have enough ideas, our politicians, even new ones every day. B. gatekeepers at the city limits. Some are for car-free centers full of bikes and scooters, others want to plant the facades, and the demand to eat less meat is brought up on the table every day. It can be made even smaller: With cotton swabs and straws it is better not to be seen anymore and even balloons the Greens want to ban in the future. Fireworks full of ideas every day - by the way, this should no longer be allowed on New Year's Eve. Let's take it easy this time. Even without flares, there is no reason for us to look black.

It doesn't work without a master's certificate

Of course, business-related media complain that the reintroduction of master craftsmen's duties for twelve skilled trades is anti-competitive and describe it as a barrier to market entry. It is almost always concealed that craftsmen must also have a qualification as an instructor during the master craftsman examination.

Professions requiring master craftsmanship not only ensure quality craftsmanship, but also good training. So that young people are qualified for the market of the future. This is not possible without a master's certificate.

Watered down - not improved

Now the outgoing president of the TU Darmstadt has said: "It would be better if more young people opted for an apprenticeship instead of studying." Because studying at a university has become a status symbol, not only the number of students will become always higher, but the study also increasingly watered down. The opinion from the mouth is water on our mills.

My god, that lasts

In connection with the need to build more and quickly, these figures are also interesting. The duration of building permits has tripled to quintupled and is z. B. in Baden-Württemberg has now been four years. Of course, this is not a permanent solution.

What students expect

The number of students seeking apprenticeships has increased compared to the previous year, albeit only slightly. Two thirds of them would like a trial day with their potential training company. Almost as many want to be informed from the outset about the further training and career opportunities after the apprenticeship. The latter is easy - preparing a trial day is difficult - but promising.

Appreciate the craft

“Klassik-Radio” brings a competition every morning from the Chamber of Crafts for Swabia, in which the listeners have to estimate which of three statements about a craft profession is the right one. You already listen there. The campaign is called "Appreciate the craft" - and is really great.

That looks away

Advertising does not always have to advertise services. Because in a city in which the historic town hall has been scaffolded for years without doing anything, I designed the car of a local painter for the annual pageant: large color photos of the scaffolded facade on both sides of the street with the text “Am Rathaus moves nothing from the spot - do you think that looks away?”As a catchy tune the passage of the hit song“If not now, when then…”as a loop. No other car had so much approval, shouts and applause. You have to dare something.

In addition

"That looks away" is, by the way, a traditional artisan slogan, with which the painters in particular, when z. For example, if a color was not correctly matched or the wallpaper had a bubble, the customer appeased. Because customers nowadays make a big deal out of a small defect, this of course no longer works.

Apprentice - journeyman - master painter

A large newspaper, for example, wrote about the report about the exhibition “Masterpieces - from the craft of painters”, which I recommended in the last issue. What an enjoyable motto.

Put on the wallpaper

Master painter Hans Moosbrugger has brought something new to the wallpaper: handcrafted screen printed wallpaper as a partial wall decoration - you have to see it. Two magazines brought picture reports to it. Hans Moosbrugger, who took over the national and global painter's workshops Hembus 20 years ago, explains how wallpaper manufacture came about in connection with the reconstruction of the Goethehaus in Frankfurt: The screen printing roll was developed by Wilhelm Messerschmidt, who also invented the cabin scooter after the war, built twice. One is in the museum in Munich, the other at Hembus. It not only prints wallpapers for castles and historic buildings. Even demanding private customers can have their products manufactured individually. Interested colleagues are welcome to visit the traditional Frankfurt company after registration.


Author Werner Schledt was for decades a business consultant and association manager in the Hessian painting and varnishing trade.

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