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Applied Undiluted With Werner Schledt. Unpacked And Packaged

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Applied Undiluted With Werner Schledt. Unpacked And Packaged
Applied Undiluted With Werner Schledt. Unpacked And Packaged

Video: Applied Undiluted With Werner Schledt. Unpacked And Packaged

Video: Applied Undiluted With Werner Schledt. Unpacked And Packaged
Video: TIMO WERNER VS MANCHESTER CITY🤣😂😂😱 2023, December

The first stanza of the well-known Christmas carol could also introduce this current message: In Switzerland …

Are we threatened by drones?

In Switzerland, a computer-controlled drone has coated a facade for the first time. It flew back and forth and stopped spraying when it came to the covered windows. The manufacturers call the new product "Hand of Heaven". It is already suitable for repairs to high-rise buildings today - and may even paint style facades tomorrow. The development is flying.

Demand 50-hour week?

A 50-hour week would be good for young people between the ages of 15 and 20. They are currently working an average of 56 hours on the screen. The recently published youth digital study even lists the rankings: the smartphone with the notebook and desktop PC is the leader with almost 36 hours. Against this background, the demand for a 50-hour week would not be unjustified. Then at least the kids would have a matt screen on Saturdays.

Learn German first

Knowledge of the local language, spoken and written, is the first prerequisite for integration. That's right, but it's not that easy, rather difficult - and lengthy. I have this experience as part of a voluntary project. The conditions are good. Everyone has only one participant. Mine is intelligent, family man with education, ambitious and hardworking. Nevertheless, we are making slow progress. The language barrier for adults is probably much higher than for children. I make every effort to prepare him well for the upcoming first exam, imagine what he has to learn afterwards in order to pass the job and see the problem of integration with different eyes. There is a lot to do before migrants become employees. Professional organizations and companies also have a few lessons to learn.

For breakfast already after work

In connection with the controversial statutory minimum remuneration for apprentices, the apprenticeship period is also being shortened: if there are more than five hours of block tuition per week, apprentices only have to go to the company once a week for two hours, for example from the start of work to breakfast? And with lessons on individual days of the week you get at least one whole day off. The Federal Minister of Education believes that this makes dual training more attractive, more flexible and more international. Hopefully, the trainees will not have to pay a tuition one day to shorten the training period.

Less carbon dioxide - more coal

This is my headline for the advertising campaign of a painting company. The reason for this is the opportunity from the climate package to save up to 40,000 euros in taxes on energy-efficient modernization of self-used houses. And the subtitle says for everyone who gets this coal: "Less CO2 - and still money!" It's great for the climate.

Flower for female power

Congratulations to two strong women from the Rhine-Main Guild: Jacqueline Kuhn has won the state championship despite her double burden of studying engineering and painting. Jessica Jörges, last year's national winner, competed with painters from 22 nations at the World Cup in Russia and won a medal.

Not rusty, but restless

The Bundesbank's proposal to gradually increase the retirement age to almost 70 years in the long term, i.e. by 2070, is initially economically justified: In view of the steadily increasing life expectancy, the step is necessary so that the pension level does not drop too sharply and that pension payments are prevented rise faster than social security contributions. Already at the retirement age of 67, which has been planned so far, the number of pension years is almost 20 and is expected to increase by a further 4.5.

But there is even more to support the proposal: Many people who leave their professional lives do not belong to the old iron, but are old iron, not rusty, but restless, fit and healthy. For them, a quarter of a century of retirement can be boring in the long run. This also against the background that those who are not used are still needed.

Against rural exodus

A rural community in Hesse pays young people who are training in a local commercial enterprise 100 euros per month in the first year of apprenticeship, and there is also a substantial subsidy in the second year. This project against migration from rural regions is unique - so far. If the regional craft organizations encourage the municipalities, maybe something will work elsewhere.


Author Werner Schledt was for decades a business consultant and association manager in the Hessian painting and varnishing trade.

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