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Applied Undiluted With Werner Schledt. Housing Construction With Problems

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Applied Undiluted With Werner Schledt. Housing Construction With Problems
Applied Undiluted With Werner Schledt. Housing Construction With Problems

Video: Applied Undiluted With Werner Schledt. Housing Construction With Problems

Video: Applied Undiluted With Werner Schledt. Housing Construction With Problems
Video: How To Build More Homes, Faster 2023, December

We build too much on sand, that is, in the country. The Cologne Institute for Economic Affairs has now published that around 350,000 apartments would have to be built this year and next year to meet demand, including around 60,000 in the seven largest cities. With the exception of Düsseldorf and Hamburg, however, they struggle to develop new development areas. In contrast, around 50 percent more apartments were built in the countryside than are needed. The result: almost two million are empty. The Greens reacted promptly to the study and demanded that more be built on areas that have already been developed, instead of continuing to seal open land. If the building laws were changed as proposed, our rural businesses would also have more construction sites in the city. Provided, of course,there are no driving bans for craftsmen. But that's another construction site.

The construction is on the spot

The energetic modernization also remains a permanent construction site. Logical and consistent that the construction industry wants to be involved in the development of measures to achieve the climate targets. Because there is great potential for reducing CO2 in residential construction, the expertise of the industry, which requires openness to new technologies, creativity and planning security, should finally be used. That would benefit the cause.

A big word

What a big word: "Construction cost reduction commission". It was decided in the coalition agreement and is intended to review "price-driving and oversized standards and costs of materials and processes, in particular for energy-efficient refurbishment". It has even met and called for new regulations to be reviewed in terms of their impact on construction and housing costs. There are no results yet. Maybe at the next meeting.

Guild initiative

The specialist organization with its guilds is our best representative. At a meeting with the Federal Minister of Justice and Consumer Protection, a delegation from the Guild of Rhine-Main has once again suggested that public contracts should not be awarded to the cheapest, and also made practical suggestions for a change: awarding to the second cheapest or, as in the Switzerland, to the applicant whose offer comes closest to the average. The minister wants to take up the issue. Perhaps persistent initiatives and good arguments like these lead to an acceptable result in the award.

This new initiative is also interesting: together with the agency for refugees, the guild tested and assessed the qualifications of refugees with professional experience as painters. Interested guild members can request the attestation with the certifications "Can work independently / under the guidance of a journeyman" or "Suitable as a painter's assistant" including CV and residence status. A helpful thing. For those affected and companies.

Half things

The philosopher Frithjof Bergmann, who has been concerned with the future of the world of work since the late 1970s, can also be called part-time inventor. At the time of the emerging automation, his demand that everyone should work on the assembly line for six months and devote six months to his passion is becoming more and more a reality. Instead of “9 to 5”, half of the employees in Germany can currently work largely independently of time and place. Of the other half, which also includes creative craftsmen, this type of “work-live balance” is certainly not so important to everyone. Many of them are passionate about working full-time. Good craftsmen don't do things by halves either - not like on an assembly line.

Wealth pension

There is hardly a country where people are so worried about poverty and inequality as we are. We hear every day that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. It is usually ignored that pension rights are not counted as assets and are not taken into account in the comparisons. Do the math: If you have a statutory monthly pension of just EUR 1,000 for 15 years, you have secure assets of EUR 180,000. And: How rich does the “rich man” have to be in order to earn interest of 1,000 euros a month from his assets? The European comparison also shows the following connection: the higher the state protection through social security, the smaller the disposable income, but the lower the incentive to make one's own provision. That is worrying.

Times of rule

The shortage of time is getting bigger and bigger because more and more influences and distracts us. Those who stay with all the lords of their time lead a truly grand life.


Author Werner Schledt was for decades a business consultant and association manager in the Hessian painting and varnishing trade.

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Good craftsmen don't do things by halves