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Applied Undiluted With Werner Schledt. Picked Up And Read

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Applied Undiluted With Werner Schledt. Picked Up And Read
Applied Undiluted With Werner Schledt. Picked Up And Read

Video: Applied Undiluted With Werner Schledt. Picked Up And Read

Video: Applied Undiluted With Werner Schledt. Picked Up And Read
Video: Werner before vs Werner now.👀 2023, December

Even for the owner of an owner-occupied house with an assumed value of 400,000 euros and 100,000 euros cash, i.e. a classic private customer, nothing changes in the assets if he z. B. for 50,000 euros which can be renovated: its total assets remain unchanged at half a million. If the value of the property continues to increase, even more, even if he finances the measure. And much more, if the building rates, like now, are almost zero. Shouldn't it be the case with potential customers?


Are you still looking for an exciting destination for your company or vocational school trip? I would have one thing: the great exhibition “Masterpieces - of the Painter's Craft”, which can still be seen at the Frankfurt Historical Museum until mid-January. Using around 50 masterpieces and specimens, it documents the change in painter training from the guild to the art academies. In the end, traditional craftsmen had to prove their technical skills with a masterpiece, all that was required for admission to the academies that emerged later. Incidentally, the masterpiece in Frankfurt was equipped with the masterpieces. Our craft is unfortunately gone from master tests on the object. But masterpieces are still worth seeing - even if they are rarely shown. And we continue to hold large chunks of mastery.

Motivator mini rentals?

"The Reds don't understand anything about business." You can hear that not only in business at the regulars' table, but also at events and conferences. The “Lid of Berlin”, which wants to drastically limit cold rents, seems to confirm this again. Even tenants do not benefit from such a cap: mini-rents and constantly rising costs will also minimize modernization and renovations. There are sufficient examples of this. And which developer or builder will invest if it doesn't work - not even a single apartment?

Cabinet bits?

Great climate? No, neither in the environment nor in the environment of those responsible for climate policy. There is only agreement that nothing is more harmful to the climate than living. Most of the CO2 emissions are generated here. These are expected to drop to almost zero over the next 30 years, but no one knows how. The only thing that is certain is that the urgently needed energetic modernization increases the rental prices. Because, in spite of various support programs, only one out of a hundred upcoming buildings has been renovated so far, people are now demanding, as has been the case for years, a relief for investments in income tax. Does the climate cabinet come up with anything effective? That would really be a bit of a cabinet.

Better safe than sorry

Being an entrepreneur means taking risks. And who wants that? Less and less in Germany. In any case, the number of employees who can imagine starting their own business has almost halved since 2000. And students want to work for the state anyway, so they don't want to take any risks.

Studying for jobs at the state

There are many reasons for this risk aversion: a booming job market, the increasing desire for work-life balance and also the view of work as a nuisance. This means that craftsmen already have their burden. And the customers soon too.

Painter for monuments

The Foundation for Monument Protection awards scholarships to young craftsmen who want to qualify part-time to become a "restorer in the craft" or "specialist for restoration work". But ambitious painters and varnishers, who this time missed the application deadline, September 30th, for the application, can still be made aware of this funding with a “Think for next time”.

Good wishes for the start

As soon as the Abi posters are removed, a large newspaper offers a design package at the start of the apprenticeship, with which relatives and friends can design the good wishes at the beginning of the apprenticeship and place them as an advertisement. Why not also as a training company? Such an ad is not only good for the starters. It also signals that we are happy to provide training.

Last but not least

Christine Uhl, as a manager as versatile as she is successful, describes how her father was always way ahead of the family when hiking and how she waited for her from time to time. When she finally caught up, he was already recovered and kept driving the family on. she soon realized that if she wanted to pause more often, she had to keep up with him. Her conclusion: Anyone who only runs after the pioneers will be constantly rushed.

Energetic modernization - macro market for painters


Author Werner Schledt was for decades a business consultant and association manager in the Hessian painting and varnishing trade.

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