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Allgäu Construction Congress. Carefree Package

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Allgäu Construction Congress. Carefree Package
Allgäu Construction Congress. Carefree Package

Video: Allgäu Construction Congress. Carefree Package

Video: Allgäu Construction Congress. Carefree Package
Video: Allgäu. Your Place in Germany. 2023, December

Every two years, the Allgäu building trade congress organizes the construction meeting in Oberstdorf. Every two years, the three-day event offers trends, knowledge transfer, practical demonstrations and workshops for the participants.

Authors: Andreas Ehrfeld / Susanne Sachsenmaier-Wahl | Photos: Baumit

Our industry is facing major changes,”says Heiko Werf, managing director of Baumit at the opening of the Allgäu building congress. On the one hand, one has to pay attention to the health trend, which is increasingly in demand by customers and, on the other hand, to pick the best out of technology in order to have a competitive advantage over other providers. "Technology shouldn't scare us," Werf demands. The aim of the congress is also to show which technology can be easily integrated into everyday work in the trades.

“Designing digitization practically” was consequently also a lecture at the Allgäu building trade congress. Andreas Fischer, managing director of the G + F publishing and consulting agency, explained how an analog company can become a digital business unit. "Analogue companies no longer have a right to exist" is a provocative thesis by Fischer. What is analog operation? Fischer sketches him like this: "The calculation is still done with Excel, the software is loaded on CDs instead of via the cloud." He is certain: "Without the cloud, there will be no digitalization". Together with the companies to be advised, Fischer is developing a digital timetable, which will include all employees where possible.

Futurologist Sven Gabor Jánszky went on, much further: "What does life look like with artificial intelligence?" “By around 2030 or 2035, the job effects of digitization will be needed to compensate for the loss of qualified workers. Without digitization and automation, many branches of the economy could fall so deeply into the skilled worker trap that vital services would no longer be available and production locations would no longer be maintainable,”said Jánszky's vision.


From the future back to the present, and Donald Trump plays a key role in everyday political life. The former ZDF correspondent in New York, Udo van Kampen, already knows the US President from several meetings and has many anecdotes about him in his luggage: “I met him 15 years ago to make a portrait of him as an entrepreneur. In the end he told us that America needed a president like him.”Van Kampen and his team had to resist laughing at the time - today the business editor is pretty sure that Trump will be re-elected. His speech is also about Europe's new reality: So be it shameful how Europe looks at the Middle East conflict as a guest of the fence. "These are wars that are taking place on our doorstep and we have nothing to oppose in foreign policy. I wish,a common European economic and foreign policy."

Attract and retain employees

Jörg Mosler is certain that the best way to counter the shortage of skilled workers is through emotions that are awakened by the potential employee. In order to get into the minds of the young generation, it is extremely important to communicate goals, values and the meaning of your own actions. "What does it mean for the employees if the message you send is not understood?" Asks Mosler rather rhetorically. He also sees room for improvement in many companies when it comes to job advertisements: "Some advertisements look like funeral announcements". You have to stand for something and communicate it correctly. Headwind is also positive. He referred to the job offer of a butcher shop that successfully campaigned for employees with the slogan "Do something with animals".

Volker Busch, specialist in neurology / psychiatry and head of the "Psychosocial Stress" working group at the Regensburg University Hospital, explained how to inspire and motivate employees. "Learning and developing promotes performance and motivation." The connection with the company promotes confidence building. "This connection must be lived, it is not enough to sit together in an office." Autonomy frees the employees. "If they are exposed to constant controls, the employees will eventually only have to avoid errors, which will have a negative impact on performance."

Stress management

A life without a smartphone, tablet and Co.? For many, this now seems to be impossible. Digitization can also put users in stress. How to escape the stress trap was explained by the stress management and health expert Dr. med. Sabine Schonert-Hirz at the Allgäu Building Congress. You don't have to read or even comment on every WhatsApp or email message immediately. Otherwise you run the risk of falling into multi-tasking. "Multi-tasking causes stress, makes you tired, produces mistakes, so it does nothing," says the stress manager. "Try the 15-minute rule: work 15 minutes concentrated, only then look at your smartphone or in your mailbox - as a reward."


Barbara Wiedemann showed the importance of healthy and sustainable products for end users. "According to a survey, health comes first with people, but sustainability is catching up," said product manager Putz und Mörtel at Baumit. The climate protection debate has brought home health to the fore. Which products are healthy? Baumit tries to illustrate this in a comprehensible manner. The Viva research park was built in Wopfing, in which 13 houses are identical in terms of size and floor plan. In contrast, the wall formers, the coatings and the insulation materials with which they were created are different. Dr. explained the structure of the houses Jürgen Lorenz, Head of Research and Development, at Baumit in a separate lecture. The following conclusions could be drawn from constant measurements:

  • 1. Insulation creates comfort: higher surface temperatures make cooler rooms appear more comfortable.
  • 2. Mass is great! A solid wall delays temperature fluctuations, serves as an energy buffer and performs better in terms of sound.
  • 3. Plaster influences the room climate: A lime plaster (climate plaster) ensures optimal room air humidity and prevents mold growth


The expert and energy consultant Jürgen Gänßmantel talked in an entertaining manner about the "mold challenge". The mold expert, for example, said about the smell typical of the mold: the fungus has a metabolism like we do. With us you can smell it too, it is the same with mold.”A relative humidity of 75 to 80 percent is sufficient as a trigger for putrefaction; there is no need for condensation. If organic substances are still present, it is a paradise for the mold. That is also the crux if mushrooms are only painted over (in the worst case with emulsion paint): "The mold says thank you and is happy!" Other possible causes of mold could be water or building damage. Gänßmantel gave the audience the following tip:"Think the impossible!"

Practical demonstrations at the Allgäu construction congress

During the practical demonstrations, congress visitors were able to experience that lime plasters can not only be healthy, but also extremely decorative. Lutz Trautmann and Mario Filser moderated the cleaning techniques, which were presented by application engineers Dominik Dies, Andreas Ender, Thomasforce and Willi Wenig. A two-tone stain filler that was warped into one another, a “mountain relief” and a country house look were shown.

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