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Regional Marketing

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Regional Marketing
Regional Marketing

Video: Regional Marketing

Video: Regional Marketing
Video: Regional Marketing Strategies From Ex-Lego, Scholastic Marketing Director James Ching 2023, December

Many people are longing for something permanent and rooted in the local. Here, the craft can show off on site - and establish personal contacts with clients. Events are ideal for this.

What can you do if a significant number of customers are reluctant to buy or are only interested in discount prices? Suggestion: change the line of sight. The other part of society is in the mood - for individuality, traditional skills, sustainability, identity and the corresponding services. These customers don't want to buy as cheaply as possible. It is much more important to them that they can be sure that they are consuming the right thing. They value products and services that are created under socially and ecologically justifiable conditions. Trustworthiness, transparency, secure origins and short transport routes are also in demand beyond the food sector and result in a motive to buy that relies on morality instead of stinginess. This can serve the craft particularly well. At the service level and from an ecological point of view, because it produces its products directly on site, knows about its materials and offers the customer the desired transparency. And on the social level, because it offers its employees adequate working conditions, trains young people and fulfills their social duties in many other areas. This development does not offer the craft sector a new niche in the market, but it gives the suggestion to put your own performance in the right, sales-effective light through this trump card. But - how do you convey that you are a company that is rooted and committed in the region? In short: through deeds, presence and maintaining relationships on a very personal level. It is precisely this profile that best fulfills a very important advertising tool - marketing with events in a regional environment.

Many company owners immediately and exclusively think of open days at events - and remember their last company event of this kind with great enthusiasm. After all, socializing with several hundred guests is expensive, time-consuming and its benefits are difficult to measure. There is no time for a direct conversation from the owner to important customers. In addition, such open days take place at most every ten years and are therefore unsuitable for the continuous cultivation of relationships. Instead of big events that are difficult to manage, preferred experiences and activities should be planned for a small group of customers. The idea behind these small events is simple: it addresses a manageable circle and creates the opportunity for direct, regular dialogue. If a company has several important target groups - e.g. B. high-income private customers and commercial clients of the housing industry - several parallel, different event offers are also conceivable. It is best to offer a permanent series of events. Closeness and sympathy, which are often enough to tip the scales when it comes to awarding contracts, arise in the shared experience and action during an activity beyond business life.who are often enough to tip the scales when it comes to awarding contracts.who are often enough to tip the scales when it comes to awarding contracts.

Events with a statement

So what possibilities does even a small or medium-sized company have to score points with regular customers with unusual event ideas and gain new contacts? In line with the profile of the company, the entrepreneurial personality and, of course, the target group, such offers are conceivable, all of which can be co-financed by the participants' cost sharing.

Enjoyment and culture

A company that sees its main focus in the high-quality work area and wants to appeal to a demanding, style- and social-oriented audience strengthens this image with local events like these:

Events at the stove: Germans are cooking less and less - but prefer to watch cooking programs on TV. Make the most of this virtual delight in culinary delights - and swing the wooden spoon together with a small circle. It is up to the company whether you want to prepare tangible regional food or a five-course gourmet menu, whether the landlord or a top chef is the chef. A local restaurant is the ideal venue.

Off to the museum: There are around 6,000 museums in Germany. You and your customers will surely know only a fraction of the exhibition halls in your region. Go on a discovery tour once a year - preferably to destinations that focus on painting and architecture.

Sport and wellness

The boss is a passionate athlete, the company offers services in the broadest sense that appeal to a target group interested in health and wellness? Then of course sport is a suitable event medium.

Company sports groups - completely different: running clubs for joggers and Nordic walkers, offered once or twice a week, ideally accompanied by a professional: this is an offer that is trendy and that makes the many individual runners in the customer base a committed group. Of course, bike rides are also conceivable.

Active events without sweating: you are a sports fan, but would rather watch top performances while sitting - and your customers feel the same way? Then you can still experience a lot with your clients. The way to do this is to offer top-class tournaments and interesting games together - the bus and the seats on site are organized by the company. Whether these are tennis and riding tournaments, soccer and handball Bundesliga games, motorsport or athletics competitions has to do with regional offers and preferences.

Nature and fun

If sustainability and ecology are just as important to the business owner as his preferred clientele, series of events in the local nature are on the program. Active seniors and families can also be addressed particularly well.

Hiking is a pleasure for millers: hiking is a classic, but it is difficult to come back - and it requires minimal organizational effort. That is why such an excursion can also be offered several times a year. Go on a journey of discovery with your customers in the surrounding area, including snack.

On the trail of valuable gems: here you are also on foot with the customers and take a closer look at natural habitats and very special biotopes. Whether mudflats, forest and meadow, river, cave, moor or arid landscape - local nature conservation organizations provide the knowledgeable companions here. You will find contact to such experts and local experts e.g. B. about the local groups of the NABU or the BUND.

Scavenger hunt in a modern way: everyone still knows the treasure hunt in the wild, where the compass, arrows made of branches or chalk marks showed the way. The treasure hunt, in which a GPS device tells you where to go, is very much in vogue, especially among adults. You can find out more about this trendy scavenger hunt on the Internet under the keyword "geocaching". If you also enter the name of your region, you will receive information about providers in your area.

Application made easy

There are certainly many more event options that suit you - let your imagination run wild. On the way from the idea to the implementation of your small event series it is of course crucial to find enough participants and to ensure a good response from the public. Let the Brillux Customer Club support you here. From the invitation letter to selected customers to public announcements in the press to follow-up reports, he also creates individual PR and advertising media for this personal and effective marketing measure.