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Steampunk: Creative Technology With Real Rust Colors In The Interior

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Steampunk: Creative Technology With Real Rust Colors In The Interior
Steampunk: Creative Technology With Real Rust Colors In The Interior

Video: Steampunk: Creative Technology With Real Rust Colors In The Interior

Video: Steampunk: Creative Technology With Real Rust Colors In The Interior
Video: Strange Worlds Steampunk Странные миры в стиле стимпанк 2023, December

Margarita Vulfert took up the topic of steampunk for her master examination and developed suitable creative techniques.

Photos: Margarita Vulfert

When KW Jeter (Blade Runner) created the term “steampunk” in 1985 in a letter to the science fiction magazine Locus, no one could have guessed what would develop from it. It was not until 20 years later that DIY enthusiasts and hobbyists - the so-called “makers” - took up the idea. They began to design modern devices and machines in the Victorian style, built extraordinary vehicles or created exciting costumes.

Steampunk takes advantage of the aesthetics of the Victorian era and combines them with modern technology. From these ideas, a colorful and diverse movement has developed that also excites the music, film, fashion and furniture industries. Creative techniques for the interior are also an important component.

Style elements of the steampunk

Steampunk is more than just a strange style: welcome to the world of steaming ships, rattling gears and rusty rivets, where the crazy, overloaded and mysterious of steampunk can be found. Steampunk-style items are often not very functional, but are beautiful and mysterious in their own way. In addition, good deeds are done here by upgrading old treasures or by upcycling apparently worthless and thrown away materials and objects.

The fascinating thing is that only by attaching rivets, gears or even old pipe elements or thermostats a new, completely individual piece is created. In the painter's craft, designing is possible with the help of creative techniques and coatings on walls, furniture and other devices. Ornamental decorations are also used here and vintage-looking metallic coatings are every maker's dream.


If you thought about what the Steampunk symbol was, the gear would be the first thing that came to mind. The gear represents the symbolism of high quality and functional craftsmanship. The best and most durable watches have a mechanical movement.

Creative technology: Lord Steven Rusty

The first movement technology presented here, Steven Steven Rusty, was developed on the model of an outdated, decaying factory clockwork and deals a lot with upcycling. The peculiarity here are the misused gears, which can also function as wall decoration. Thanks to a special rust look with a real rust color, these beautiful and delicate jewelry pieces have been processed into something new.

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Photo: Margarita Vulfert

The carrier is coated using a lambskin roller with a special real rust color, which contains real metal components.

Photo: Margarita Vulfert

The carrier is then coated a second time for better coverage.

Photo: Margarita Vulfert

Now the gears are placed on the carrier using an assembly adhesive. They can be placed at will.

Photo: Margarita Vulfert

Once the adhesive material has hardened, the gears can be coated with the same material.

Photo: Margarita Vulfert

Finally, after the paint has dried, a special rust activator solution is sprayed on. This can be done as required: either a few drops or runners are placed or the entire surface is sprayed.

Photo: Margarita Vulfert

This is real rust. A revision of the creative technology is only possible after an insulating coat, otherwise the corrosion would penetrate.

Chairman of the Board of Trustees Ursula Blank presents Dr. Murjahn sponsorship award to Margarita Vulfert.

Photo: Caparol

To person

Margarita Vulfert, born in Russia in 1993, emigrated to Germany at the age of ten and graduated from high school. She completed her training as a painter / painter at Knäpple GmbH in Sigmaringen and completed it with an award. After two years as a painter / painter, she attended the School of Color and Design in Stuttgart in 2017. The shot to become a state-certified designer and master painter also took place with an award. She is currently working at Petruv Color and Interior Design in Hettingen as a state-certified designer and master painter.

In November she received the Dr. Murjahn Award 2018. The jury said: “Designing with steampunk is a novelty in the painting trade. So far this term is largely unknown, let alone that surface techniques gave expression to this genre. Margarita Vulfert discovered a new trend, which is implemented in a very complex manner in unusual surfaces. In her book, she describes in detail how such designs with a distinctive character succeed. Everyday objects are put together in such a way that a futuristic, industrial look is created. Margarita Vulfert did pioneering work in a previously unknown area. The associated expansion of creative possibilities offers the painter's trade new options to meet special customer requirements.”For Margarita Vulfert, the Dr. Murjahn promotional award is very important: “I have never won anything. The sponsorship award now shows me that there are people who think my work is special, which is confirmation of the correctness of my career choice.”