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Digital On The Go
Digital On The Go

Video: Digital On The Go

Video: Digital On The Go
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For master painter Markus Massmann, long-standing painter tradition and innovative technology are no contradiction: he and his team combine both in their projects in the Münsterland region and far beyond.

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Tasteful and modern - this is the large entrance area of a hotel in Senden in the Münsterland. Markus Massmann's contracting painter designed the surfaces in collaboration with a large paint manufacturer: with a noble coating that is particularly matt and hard-wearing thanks to sand, and high-quality wallpaper. At times, more than half of the 22 employees of the painting company were at the construction site, which contributed significantly to the quality and punctual completion. Of course, all of this needs to be well coordinated and organized. For this, the master painter got digital support right from the start: his branch software in the office is an important switching point for order processing, calculation and controlling, resource planning, project management and much more. Suitable mobile apps are used on construction sites and on the go.

Chat in compliance with data protection regulations

The latest addition to the app family is WinWorker Chat. Markus Massmann now communicates with his employees on construction sites using smartphones and the desktop computer in the office. Images, text and voice messages can be exchanged - always suitable for the project.

“So far, we have always communicated with each other via SMS or email. Now with the chat it is much easier to get the entire team together for a meeting in the office at short notice, to report material requirements or to document details on the construction site, for example how far the windowsill should be cleaned,”explains the managing director enthusiastically. Common messenger services are often not suitable for commercial use. According to the provider, the chats are securely stored online in the customer's Amazon Web Services account - on German servers, taking into account the EU data protection guidelines.

Assign and complete tasks

In addition to the pure chat function, the solution offers added value: Mobile tasks can be created from existing chat messages. These work orders are visible to every participant in the project chat. Everyone knows immediately whether and by whom they were taken over. Finally, they can be marked as done so that every employee is informed.

When asked about the acceptance in the team, Massmann says: “Our employees get along well, even the older ones. The operation is comfortable and the chat simplifies communication enormously! “Digital applications are routine for the employees anyway. Everyone uses mobile time recording from, including contract workers. "The familiarization works well, after half an hour of introduction everyone gets along well, it's almost self-explanatory."

Structure work packages

The booking is made at the tap of a finger on work packages to structure the construction site. This gives the employees the opportunity to assess and estimate the specified target times. A target-actual comparison is conveniently possible thanks to the smaller units. You have a better overview.”Time recording also provides important values for post-calculation at the push of a button.

For painter Massmann, digitization in the craft is “not a can, but a must! It makes work much easier for the management of a company.”He has automated many processes in the company: If one of the employees makes an appointment for an initial inspection, the address is always created in the software and the date is entered in the calendar. As soon as he or the employee has recorded all details on the form - digitally on the iPad - and sends them to the office, the so-called events take action.

Find everything again

For example, the address folder is created automatically. "It is a central location," explains Massmann. "I will find everything here later: information on colors, wallpapers and much more." The task for the secretary to generate an offer and send it as a PDF to the customer via email is generated from the form. The responsible master also automatically receives the information.

The master painter also uses the digital construction site documentation from WinWorker intensively. For example, he provides his employees with risk assessments for the construction site via PDF. They can be signed by the employee on the mobile device. All pictures and plans for the project are available in the Baudoku and can also be provided with notes and sketches. This turns them into a media catalog for architects, employees or customers.

Devices and tools at a glance

The company's devices are of course also managed digitally. Near field communication (NFC) tags are attached to the tools and machines and can be scanned with a smartphone. Information about the device and the users is stored: “The master and I always know where the respective device is. The employees note when they are handed over if they discover a cable break, if the airless device is dirty, etc. - ideal for an overview,”says Massmann.

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