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Adventure Hotel "Krønasår". One Night In The Museum

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Adventure Hotel "Krønasår". One Night In The Museum
Adventure Hotel "Krønasår". One Night In The Museum

Video: Adventure Hotel "Krønasår". One Night In The Museum

Video: Adventure Hotel "Krønasår". One Night In The Museum
Video: Europa Park Hotel Krønasår Review - Opening Night Vlog & Full Tour 2023, December

The new adventure hotel "Krønasår" puts the guests of Europa-Park in the middle of a natural history museum. When designing the interior, the planners and craftsmen paid attention to every detail, from the lobby to the rooms and restaurants. At night in the museum, some illusions become reality.

Author: Evelyn Becker | Photos: Europa-Park

Nordic myths and stories from long forgotten times: Hotel Krønasår takes its guests into a world in which reality and fiction seem to be blurred. On 31,000 square meters, the hotel offers 276 themed rooms and 28 individually furnished suites. The name developed in collaboration with an agency for which there is no precise translation is also imaginative. However, the similarity to the word crown is certainly not arbitrary, as the symbol can also be found in the design of the 4-star superior hotel. The aim was to accommodate the Nordic character through the spelling and at the same time to give a clear indication of the conceptual orientation as a "museum hotel" through the subline "The Museum-Hotel".

The design thematically takes up the ambience of a natural history museum. The skeleton of the sea snake "Svalgur" is an absolute highlight. As you enter the lobby, it immediately captivates guests and reminds you of the entrance area of large and world-famous natural history museums. In the lovingly designed rooms, small and large guests can go on a discovery tour and spend "a night in the museum". Numerous artefacts from the Adventure Club of Europe (ACE) and exhibits from the Scandinavian habitat make the world a real experience.

Well thought-out concept at the Krønasår adventure hotel

For the first time, a hotel in Europa-Park not only makes reference to a country or region, but also to a holistic world of history, in terms of architecture, design and gastronomic offer. The development is the result of an extensive planning process. The concept was largely developed by the in-house design team "Mack Solutions" and with the participation of architect Ann-Kathrin Mack. Professional storytellers also support the development of the story around the topic "Rulantica" and the Adventure Club of Europe.

Further creative input came from the in-house decoration department as well as from the executing companies M&M Neumeier, Engels Objekteinrichtung and Hinsche Gastrobau.

A real tough job

The painting work in the new hotel began in December 2018 and the keys were handed over in April 2019. During the five months, around 30 painters were involved in the completion on site. In addition to the standard tasks such as wallpapering and painting, the project also offered particularly unusual work and challenges. These include the large-format freehand paintings in the suites or the detailed Viking scene in a hallway. High-quality textured and non-woven wallpapers were used in the rooms. The painters used various imitation techniques on all scratch surfaces, creating realistic replicas of different surfaces. Plaster or shotcrete was shaped into clinker, stone or antique plaster.

The largest and probably the most impressive project welcomes visitors in the entrance area. There the 34-meter-long and around two-ton heavy skeleton of a sea snake hangs from the ceiling. Its basic construction consists of a round steel tube, which the craftsmen installed in four parts due to its size. The core of the skeleton consists of B1 styrofoam, encased in glass fiber reinforced plastic. Together with the right paint, the deceptively real replica was created. The illusion of a night in the museum is perfect thanks to the efforts of the many craftsmen and the meticulous preparation and planning.