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Colors From Adler For A Boutique Café In The Netflix Series

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Colors From Adler For A Boutique Café In The Netflix Series
Colors From Adler For A Boutique Café In The Netflix Series

Video: Colors From Adler For A Boutique Café In The Netflix Series

Video: Colors From Adler For A Boutique Café In The Netflix Series
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A dusty 70s pension in a Tyrolean mountain village is turning into a chic boutique café. Thanks to professional support, creative ideas and the trendy alpine colors from Adler, the café now shines in the Netflix series "Restaurants on the Abyss".

Café for Netflix series

"Restaurants on the Abyss" is the name of a new documentary series on Netflix. A three-person team made up of a Canadian star chef, a restaurant operator from LA and the award-winning interior designer Karin Bohn revamp restaurants around the world in every episode: everything from the menu to the furnishings is put to the test, every restaurant should maintain its individual character. During their research in Tyrol, the three came across Miriam and Dave - and just a few months later moved to Pettneu with the filming team. Their mission: The Pension Edelweiß should become the Arlberg Boutique Café - down-to-earth and modern, with alpine charm and international flair.

Alpine charm in the interior

The part of the interior designer Karin Bohn consisted in the renovation of the dining rooms. “I was thinking of a lively Austrian hut with alpine charm,” she says: the red checkered carpet gave way to an authentic wooden floor, the old-fashioned fabric covers were replaced, new furniture in vintage style was purchased. But the main thing was still missing: a color concept that should bridge the gap between traditional and modern, between alpine and trendy. Karin Bohn found what he was looking for at the Tyrolean paint manufacturer Adler: there Bohm not only came across an assortment of high-quality products, but also a selection of shades as honest and authentic as the Tyrolean mountains.

Natural colors from Adler

The dark green of a mountain forest, the warm brown tones of the wood, and the bright sheen of snow: Bohn immersed the three rooms of the restaurant in this natural color world. For the cozy corner bench and the wall paneling, she chose Adler Aqua-Nova PRO in a deep moss green that harmonises perfectly with the natural wood of the tables and the floor. The walls and ceilings were designed in soft green and beige tones with the high-quality interior color Aviva Ultra-Color, which creates a pleasant, healthy living atmosphere. A vintage chest of drawers and chairs provide light accents, which were also painted with ADLER Aqua-Nova PRO in a muted shade of white. The water-based paintwork varnish guarantees a uniform, homogeneous surface and perfect coverage.

The hosts were not the only ones who were thrilled with the result of the redesign: "Awesome", Miriam and Dave commented on the transformation of their restaurant, and the Netflix team said: "We have never felt so comfortable in any of the series as in Tyrol." The guests of the Arlberg Boutique Café are also enthusiastic: the charm of the hosts, the creative cuisine - and the unique atmosphere of the newly designed parlors.