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Lighthouse As A Hotel. Sea View Included: One Night In The Smallest Hotel In Spain

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Lighthouse As A Hotel. Sea View Included: One Night In The Smallest Hotel In Spain
Lighthouse As A Hotel. Sea View Included: One Night In The Smallest Hotel In Spain

Video: Lighthouse As A Hotel. Sea View Included: One Night In The Smallest Hotel In Spain

Video: Lighthouse As A Hotel. Sea View Included: One Night In The Smallest Hotel In Spain
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The Isla Pancha lighthouse project is considered the flagship company of the Spanish government. Custom-made, flush sliding doors and skirting profiles from Eclisse create an atmospheric atmosphere

Who doesn't dream of it: An overnight stay in the lighthouse, surrounded by wild sea, foaming spray and screaming seagulls? Is there a nicer place for a romantic break? Lighthouses have always fascinated people. They have always been a source of inspiration for countless artists, composers and writers.

In the meantime, there are some old lighthouses that - converted into a hotel - invite you for a short break in a class of their own. One of them is the Faro Isla Pancha on the coast of Galicia. Once it shone the way for the Spanish fishermen into the harbor, today it serves as a spectacular accommodation for guests from all over the world.

Lighthouse as a hotel

Built in 1857, the lighthouse is located on a small island on the Ria de Ribadeo estuary. A narrow bridge connects the island to the mainland. The tower is embedded in a square building to protect it from wind and weather. He served the seafarers faithfully for well over a hundred years until he retired in 1983.

The Isla Pancha lighthouse is considered the flagship project of the Spanish government. This founded the "Faros de España" initiative in 2013. Under the patronage of the Ministerio de Fomento, numerous lighthouses on the Spanish coast were to be put to complementary use: something as a hotel, restaurant or cultural institution. The "Hotel Faro Isla Pancha" was the prelude and is Spain's first lighthouse to stay in.

Successful balancing act between modern ambience and historical building structure

The interior design office PF1 Interiorismo was commissioned with the planning and implementation for the lighthouse as a hotel. The aim of the project was to convert the historic lighthouse into an accommodation facility. Two apartments with a size of

about 40 square meters each were to be built. Each suite had two bedrooms, a bathroom, a living room and a kitchen with a dining area for

provided for four people. "It was a balancing act for our planning team: on the one hand, the historical components should be preserved and the time-honored charm of the building should remain after the redesign, and on the other hand a small apartment hotel with a modern, comfort-oriented character was required," explains Loli Moroño, head of the Creative department at PF1 Interiorismo and interior designer of the Isla Plancha lighthouse.

First, the focus was on all original room components and a renovation was carried out. Thanks to loving restoration work, the railings and part of the floors, for example, have been preserved. In the subsequent redesign, the interior designers placed great emphasis on the design of details. A color concept tailored to the natural environment and high-quality materials such as leather, wood and glass determine the overall picture. Noble curtain fabrics and exclusive vinyl wallpapers complete the look. And a sophisticated lighting concept ensures stylish lighting accents.

Sliding doors flush with the wall

The design concept of the planning office stipulated that the doors should fit into the room as discreetly as possible. “We didn't want the

doors to dominate the room. Thanks to the Eclisse sliding door system from the Syntesis range, we did an excellent job,”explains Loli Moroño. And further: "The sliding door solutions from Eclisse complemented the project aesthetically and functionally and created a harmonious transition between doors and walls." In addition, the system is the perfect solution in view of the limited space available. Since the sliding doors disappear into the wall when they are opened, they do not require a swivel range, as is the case with conventional doors.

Skirting board profiles set special lighting accents in the lighthouse hotel

The planning also included a sophisticated lighting concept for all rooms. After all, the lighthouse hotel should shine in a special light in its new function. In order to consistently implement the concept, the wall-mounted skirting board profiles with lighting function were used, among other things. "We were very impressed with this option, as we wanted to give the property a scenic and at the same time elegant touch," says interior designer Loli Moroño. The profile system in the rooms and along the corridor creates a special lighting experience. The profiles are flush with the wall. So the high-quality vinyl wallpaper could be attached to the entire surface of the walls.

Awarded the "Roca 2018" award

In conclusion, interior designer Loli Moroño sums up: “It was very important to us that the guests feel at home. You should experience the warmth and comfort of your own home. Even if a hotel is in principle a transit point, it does not necessarily have to look cold and impersonal.”The numerous enthusiastic reviews of overnight guests on the booking portals confirm that this intention was implemented excellently. The project was rightly honored by the Curt Ediciones publishing house with the “Roca 2018” award in the interior design category.