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ETICS. Parapet For Office Buildings

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ETICS. Parapet For Office Buildings
ETICS. Parapet For Office Buildings

Video: ETICS. Parapet For Office Buildings

Video: ETICS. Parapet For Office Buildings

A parapet that interrupts the facade appearance between two floors gives an office building a contemporary character. However, this special architectural detail places increased demands on the sealing. As an ETICS had to be revised, a cold applicable solution with a high crack bridging was required - and this should be plasterable for visual reasons.

Author: Sebastian Reyer | Photos: Triflex

Aspöck is Europe's leading manufacturer of prefabricated lighting systems for truck trailers, agricultural machinery, etc. The head office is located in Peuerbach in Upper Austria, where the company employs around 370 people. In 2018, a new office complex was built there, the modern facade of which is the visiting card of the lighting system manufacturer. The eye-catcher of modern architecture is a contrasting color parapet on the weather side of the complex.

Elastic protection of the building structure

Since the parapet is located on the weather side of the building, it is exposed to all weather influences all year round. Because of this exposed location, it had to be sealed to withstand rain, snow and hail as well as exposure to UV / IR radiation. The builder wanted a uniform, smooth look, in which the seal integrates seamlessly. Another criterion was the extreme inclination of the 20 square meter area, for which it was necessary to find a material that can be applied without sliding off. The solution should also be compatible with the thermal insulation composite system and ensure permanent elasticity.

Perfect for exposed locations

In order to implement the demanding requirements, various solution approaches were first discussed. Franz Peham from the planning office in Peham, Waldkirchen am Wesen, worked with application engineer Thomas Resch and planning consultant Sebastian Reyer from the sealing specialist Triflex to develop a tailor-made solution for a successful construction project.

The decision was made in favor of a mechanically resilient sealing system that was specially developed for use with mineral foreign coverings. It is alkali and hydrolysis resistant and therefore compatible with mineral materials. The PMMA resin is particularly suitable for areas in exposed locations, since it is permanently weather-resistant and moisture cannot penetrate. Due to the full-surface fleece reinforcement of the system, the seal remains flexible and absorbs possible movements from the construction without damage. Since the resin can be plastered over, a uniform appearance could be achieved with the seal in connection with the thermal insulation composite system.

Franz Peham commissioned the local company Razenberger Raumplanung to carry out the execution. Not only was the use of liquid plastic a first for the craftsmen: "The special requirement was the sloping, exposed surface to the window sill, which was to be finally coated with a fine plaster."

Can be processed at any angle

Nevertheless, the Razenberger interior design team implemented the specifications within just two days.

In a first step, the entire surface was minerally filled with mesh reinforcement. For sealing the details, e.g. For example, the transitions to the building and to the windows, a full-surface fleece-reinforced 2-component, pigmented seal based on polymethyl methacrylate resin (PMMA) was used. With this, even difficult structural conditions can be securely enclosed. In addition, the system component was used to seal the surface, as it is thixotropic and does not slip even in vertical areas. The full-surface adhesive bond with the substrate prevents rainwater from undermining.

"My requirements for the waterproofing work were completely met," said builder Franz Peham with satisfaction.


Object data:

  • Construction: Sealing a parapet on the Aspöck office building in Peuerbach, Austria
  • Planner: Peham planning office, Waldkirchen am Wesen
  • Fabricator: Razenberger Raumgestaltung, Peuerbach
  • area to be sealed: 20 m2
  • Underground: thermal insulation composite system
  • Materials used: Triflex BWS and Triflex ProDetail balcony sealing system

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