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Balcony Renovation: Work Safely In The System

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Balcony Renovation: Work Safely In The System
Balcony Renovation: Work Safely In The System

Video: Balcony Renovation: Work Safely In The System

Video: Balcony Renovation: Work Safely In The System
Video: BALCON - Hybrid Channel Solution from J&P Building Systems 2023, April

Sun exposure, heavy rain, permafrost - balconies are exposed to extreme weather conditions. When revising this highly stressed component, it pays off to go to work in a structured manner. The renovation works with the following considerations.

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A balcony renovation needs to be well thought out. The precise analysis of the inventory and planning of the project are therefore the basis for an accurate and long-lasting result. Not only the sealing has to meet existing requirements, but also the decorative surface design requires that it is carried out precisely and routinely. In the end, the surface must give a homogeneous and accurate picture, free of bumps or depressions in which water remains. Specifications such as the new waterproofing standard DIN 18531 or the flat roof guideline of the roofing trade can make renovating existing buildings a major challenge. Complaints-free versions can only be obtained from processors who can receive intensive training and who are practically permanently involved in this precision work.

The right system

Well advised is whoever decides on the common practice of sealing balconies, arcades or loggias with liquid plastic. The next consideration is the requirements that the liquid plastic must meet. First of all, the most important point: compliance with standards and rules. This also means that the system must be tested in the highest performance classes in accordance with the guideline for European technical approval for liquid waterproofing roof seals (ETAG 005). On the one hand, there are quick-curing systems: balcony renovations can be completed within a day. This has the great advantage that you can plan precisely, especially in changeable weather. In addition, there are no multiple trips to the building.

Ecological systems play an increasingly important role not only in everyday life, but also in the construction industry. The health aspect of the processor must not be neglected. An ecologically clean system also saves complaints from residents and residents.

The weather plays a further role in the correct processing. This is due to the temperature sensitivity of some systems. Liquid plastics, which no longer react below five degrees Celsius or cannot be processed at more than 30 degrees Celsius, offer no planning security. You can significantly delay construction progress.

Safe at every turn

A refurbished balcony must be safe to walk on and safe to leave in an emergency. This is achieved with the right surface quality. Slip resistance is an important criterion here, especially in public areas. The selection of the required slip resistance class should be verifiable using a test certificate. In some areas, there are also increased requirements with regard to fire protection. Escape routes must meet fire protection class BFL-S1 (flame retardant - low smoke development). You have to be careful here, because not every system masters this challenge. The right system does both: the surface is beautiful and safe.

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