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Complete Renovation Of The Leuna Swimming Pool

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Complete Renovation Of The Leuna Swimming Pool
Complete Renovation Of The Leuna Swimming Pool

Video: Complete Renovation Of The Leuna Swimming Pool

Video: Complete Renovation Of The Leuna Swimming Pool
Video: Poolscape Unlimited, Inc. - Pool Remodel 101 2023, November

After the complete renovation, the swimming pool in Leuna (Saxony-Anhalt) is a modern fun pool with nostalgic charm. The extensive construction work in the hall, which is over forty years old, affected the building almost completely - facades, ceilings and acoustics, interior walls

More beautiful, more energy-efficient, more modern: After many decades of “service” and complete renovation, the Leuna swimming pool is now a modern fun pool. What is special: The modernization succeeds in preserving elements of the original architecture and at the same time skillfully playing with the chemical tradition of the Leuna site.

For the implementation, it was an advantage to work with a manufacturer in many cases (Sto) in spite of the wide range of construction measures from facade to acoustic ceilings to interior coatings.

The Leuna swimming pool, completed in 1974, is an example of the architecture of this time in the GDR: A typical feature is, for example, the roof structure made of hyperbolic roof trusses. The roof is curved along the transverse and longitudinal axes, so it is a double-curved "HP shell".

Modernly renovated and expanded

After a long period of use, hygiene, acoustics and aesthetics were no longer up to date, and total renovation was essential. The challenge was to preserve the character of the "Volksschwimmhalle" and to implement a comprehensive update. This balancing act is particularly noticeable today in the pool hall. Here, modern "fun pool" elements meet a wall relief that speaks the language of the "workers' state".

There is no trace of this past in the new rooms: decorative surfaces with moisture-regulating lime products (StoCalce Fine) characterize the interior, for example in the sauna wing. This surface technology also dominates the swimming pool above the tiled base. Filled and glazed wall surfaces also create a harmonious atmosphere in the foyer.

Acoustic ceilings please the ears and eyes

Seamless acoustic ceilings in the entire bathroom, especially in the large pool hall, reduce reverberation. A combination of StoSilent Boards 110 (expanded glass acoustic panel) and the organic coating StoSilent Decor M minimize the reverberation and convince with a reserved look.

Building envelope: Efficient and with reference to the past

The facades form a further link between the present and the past. The cubic extension was given a rear-ventilated facade (StoVentec Glass). LED modules on the window supports put the facade in the right light. The sides of the existing hall, on the other hand, are insulated with the mineral ETICS system StoTherm Mineral - and an eye-catcher. The graphic elements in fresh blue give the building a surprising lightness, applied using template technology. Chemistry fans will smile: The symbols show water molecules (one oxygen atom, two hydrogen atoms). If you look closely, you will see the hydrogen bonds between the molecules - a successful allusion to the purpose of the hall and Leuna's chemical and industrial past.

"The implementation was demanding," explains Lars Kohlrausch from Hüther & Kohlrausch Bau GmbH. "Because the molecules are not only contrasting in color, they also differ from the rest of the facade in terms of the plaster grain." The integration of the LED-backlit lettering on glass panels in the insulation facade forms the end of the successful modernization.