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Fire Protection For Concrete

Fire Protection For Concrete
Fire Protection For Concrete

Video: Fire Protection For Concrete

Video: Fire Protection For Concrete
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A fire protection coating delays the heating of concrete components by up to 120 minutes.

The Hensomastik B 3000 fire protection coating from Rudolf Hensel GmbH delays heating of concrete and reinforced concrete components for up to 120 minutes, depending on the quantity applied. During this period, the thermal expansion of the steel reinforcement prevents the covering concrete from flaking off and the structural load-bearing capacity of the concrete components from being jeopardized.

Due to its robust material properties, Hensomastik B 3000 is particularly suitable for use in areas with high emissions, such as in underground garages or parking garages. Another focus is the renovation of flat and rib ceilings.

The required dry layer thickness is only 1.3 to 3.4 millimeters and is therefore hardly statically stressful and space-saving. The optically appealing surface of the fire protection coating and the option of a colored overcoat result in architectural design options.

Hensotherm 820 KS is tested according to European standards and approved according to the criteria of the Concrete Product Manufacturer┬┤s Association for the improvement of the fire resistance of hollow concrete slabs for up to 120 minutes. Beams and supports made of reinforced concrete are protected for up to 150 minutes and flat concrete slabs for up to 240 minutes. Hensotherm 820 KS is a one-component, water-based coating and, like Hensomastik B 3000, free of halogens, APEO, borates, fibers or plasticizers. Small dry layer thicknesses maintain the room heights and ensure that construction sites run quickly. A colored top coat is optional.

Hensomastik B 3000 and Hensotherm 820 KS are part of the Green Product line, in which Hensel presents all of the company's non-VOC fire protection products. Due to their diverse environmental certificates, both products are recommended for sustainable ecological building. The Green Products meet the requirements of the "Approval Principles for Health Assessment of Construction Products in Interiors" (DIBt-Mitteilungen 10/2010) in conjunction with the NIK values of the Committee for Health Assessment of Construction Products (AgBB) and are therefore also recommended for the Use in public buildings that must meet the criteria of the "Sustainable Building for Federal Buildings" rating system of the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development.

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