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Wall Design With Deco Wall & Floor

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Wall Design With Deco Wall & Floor
Wall Design With Deco Wall & Floor

Video: Wall Design With Deco Wall & Floor

Video: Wall Design With Deco Wall & Floor
Video: 100 Wooden wall decorating ideas for living room interior wall design 2021 2023, April

Creative filling techniques are still in vogue in modern wall design. They are also a welcome alternative to conventional materials as flooring. Particularly resistant surfaces can be produced with the two-component filler Deco Wall & Floor from Jaeger Lacke.

The splash water and wet areas of bathrooms are still tiled frequently. But tiles also have disadvantages. For example, the joints offer contact areas for dirt and limescale deposits. This favors mold growth. In addition, the cost of tiling is high and the processing of the tiles is usually complex and time-consuming.

The Möglingen-based manufacturer Jaeger Lacke offers an interesting alternative for wall and floor design. Its two-component wall and floor filler Deco Wall & Floor enables seamless surfaces that are just as durable and easy to clean as tiles. The creative filler can be applied to many different substrates. It is resistant to water, dirt and standard cleaning agents. Only standing water should be avoided. However, the surfaces are insensitive to splash water. A multi-layer seal ensures the required resistance. The material can be applied in relatively thin layers. This makes the spatula technology ideal not only for wall design but also for the surface finishing of furniture and other furnishings.

Deco Wall & Floor can be used to design individual and technically demanding surfaces. The seamless wall and floor covering makes rooms appear larger. No joints disturb the look. Surfaces look like one piece. Seamless surfaces underline a modern, puristic living style. A wide range of 28 harmonious colors is available for the color design.

Wall design with Deco Wall & Floor

  • Resistant to water, dirt and household cleaning agents
  • Suitable for wet areas
  • Substrates for floor design

    • concrete
    • Concrete screed, cement screed, anhydrite screed
    • Tiles
  • Substrates for wall design

    • Lime cement plaster
    • Gypsum plaster
    • Plasterboard
    • concrete
    • Tiles
  • Can be used on wall and floor surfaces
  • Small layer thickness of approx. 2 - 3 millimeters
  • Also suitable for furniture surfaces, vanity tops and work surfaces
  • Can be mixed in the factory in 28 colors

You can find more information on the landing page Deco Wall & Floor

Wall design and floor design - completely new possibilities arise with seamless surfaces.

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