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Farrow & Ball Color By Nature Color Palette Now As Varnish For Outdoor Use

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Farrow & Ball Color By Nature Color Palette Now As Varnish For Outdoor Use
Farrow & Ball Color By Nature Color Palette Now As Varnish For Outdoor Use

Video: Farrow & Ball Color By Nature Color Palette Now As Varnish For Outdoor Use

Video: Farrow & Ball Color By Nature Color Palette Now As Varnish For Outdoor Use
Video: Allen v. Farrow: Official Trailer | HBO 2023, March

In autumn 2019, Farrow & Ball launched the Color by Nature color palette together with the Natural History Museum in London. This comprises 16 natural shades from a color encyclopedia from 1814. This classifies the shades of plants, minerals and animals. Since spring 2020, the range of natural tones has been available in Exterior Eggshell, a water-based, long-lasting paint that is suitable for outdoor use.

The 16 shades can be used for front doors, wooden furniture, garden sheds or metal fences. According to the manufacturer, they contain binders from which the pigments are enclosed. The varnish is particularly sensitive to light and should also be insensitive to the effects of weather. Since Exterior Eggshell is also water-based, the paint should only take two hours to dry. It can be painted over after just four hours. According to the manufacturer, the paint is resistant to algae, breathable and flexible. This means that it expands and contracts again with the weather, which guarantees that it is not susceptible to peeling, flaking and fading for six years. The exterior paint is made without animal testing, animal ingredients and on an environmentally friendly water base,the metal cans are also reusable and recyclable. Brushes and rollers can be easily washed out with warm water after use.

Color By Nature competition:


Farrow & Ball is running a special competition: The English paint manufacturer invites families to look for their favorite color outdoors in nature and to share it on their website. Five natural shades are selected from all submissions, which are individually made for the winners.

The competition is being organized as part of the launch of natural tones, which were launched in autumn 2019. Together with the Natural History Museum in London, Farrow & Ball has developed a collection of 16 more intense natural shades, which are inspired by "Werner's Nomenclature of Colors", Abraham Gottlob Werner's theory of colors from 1814. Now fans of natural colors should be encouraged to discover the fascinating world of colors on their own doorstep. It is hoped to be able to use this to create an own classification of colors for today.

The campaign accompanies the introduction of the Exterior Eggshell paints in the 16 Color by Nature colors. These varnishes are suitable for outdoor use and range from shades of snow white (Werners Snow White, No. W1) to the color that can be found on the head of the black-headed gull (Broccoli Brown, No. W108).

A jury made up of representatives from Farrow & Ball and the Natural History Museum will select five winning colors from the submissions that will be shown on his website, which will then be specially made for the winning families in the factory in Dorset. As part of a trip, you can pick up your own color there personally and attend a private event at the Natural History Museum in London.

The conditions of participation:

  1. Children between 4-18 years are invited

    to look for their favorite color together with their family in nature.

  2. This color (it can come from a leaf, the sky or a bird) must then be

    posted by an adult on the website www.farrow-ball.com/de/win.

  3. The description of the picture must

    include the age of the submitter, the location and the future name of the color.

  4. The competition started on March 2nd and ends on May 27th, 2020 at 11:59 p.m.

    At the end of the competition period, Farrow & Ball will select the five best submissions. All winners

    will be contacted personally to arrange the handover of the prize. The manufacturer's conditions of participation apply, which can be viewed on the website (www.farrow-ball.com/de/win).


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