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Insect And Pollen Protection Systems - Solid Solutions

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Insect And Pollen Protection Systems - Solid Solutions
Insect And Pollen Protection Systems - Solid Solutions

Video: Insect And Pollen Protection Systems - Solid Solutions

Video: Insect And Pollen Protection Systems - Solid Solutions
Video: Managing Land for Pollinators and Conservation Biocontrol 2023, April

Windows offer a view and a view, bring light and warmth into the house - but also annoying insects and pollen. This is often not taken into account when planning windows. Customers should therefore be informed about the topic of insect and pollen protection systems at an early stage. In this way, the craftsman can show possible window solutions

Flies, wasps and mosquitoes are guests that you don't like to have in the house. The insect protection systems from EgoKiefer are an effective means of preventing the penetration of such insects - and thus also bites and germ transmission. Allergy sufferers with the right pollen protection system can thus significantly reduce their symptoms in the home or in the house.

Protection system against insects and pollen

The insect and pollen protection systems can also be combined and thus form a holistic solution to keep the windows open in spring and summer. The choice of the system is the most important thing for those interested. EgoKiefer distinguishes between seven different window, door and ventilation shaft solutions.

Customers can choose between tenter frames and roller blind variants for the window solutions. The strengths of the two systems lie in different areas. Homeowners think best about what requirements the window is exposed to every day. For example, experts for windows that are in the kitchen, bathroom or cellar and that are frequently ventilated clearly recommend a stenter frame solution - stenter frame ClipFix is the ideal solution for PVC-U windows and stenter frame Vario is ideally suited for wood, wood / aluminum and aluminum windows. These do not restrict the function in any way and are extremely stable. Blinds are also very suitable for living room or bedroom windows, balcony or patio doors. This simple protection system can be pulled down with one hand movement. It protects whenever necessaryis extremely space-saving and can be installed in any window frame and all door systems.

Solutions for large passages

The relatively small area of the windows enables a variety of solutions in the fight against pollen and insects. Balcony, terrace or even sliding doors offer a much larger potential entry area. EgoKiefer offers customers three possible solution systems. Depending on the frequency of use of the door, a roller blind, rotating or sliding system solution can be used.

Light well cover

Insects or leaves can also be accessed through very small openings. Light wells in basement windows are among the popular entry options into the house or apartment. The light well cover offers optimal protection and also frees homeowners from the tedious cleaning of light wells.

Care and cleaning of the insect and pollen protection systems

EgoKiefer insect and pollen protection systems are easily removable and can be comfortably maintained in two ways: In dry cleaning, the systems are quickly and easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner and brush attachment, which is useful once a month. For more thorough wet cleaning, normal cleaning agents, hot water and a coarse-grained cleaning rag can be used. Good results are also achieved with a mop or steam cleaner.


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