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Construction Site Organization For Large Projects

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Construction Site Organization For Large Projects
Construction Site Organization For Large Projects

Video: Construction Site Organization For Large Projects

Video: Construction Site Organization For Large Projects
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Construction site organization for large-scale projects: The Barth painter's company is often commissioned for projects with several hundred or even thousands of square meters of space to be designed. Often several construction sites run in parallel. Optimal organization is a decisive factor for success.

For the establishment of a large, international freight forwarder, it was necessary to design the new administration building. The painter company Barth had relevant experience with such large projects and was awarded the contract to completely design almost 6,000 square meters of interiors.

In the office, in addition to the managing director Bernhard Barth, Ramona Späth also ensures that everything is organized smoothly. Both are supported by their industry software. While the master painter mainly takes care of customer acquisition and the offers, his wife books the hours of the employees on the respective projects, for example. "All the threads come together in the WinWorker software and all project data is appropriately assigned and stored," explains Bernard Barth. "We are also happy to be able to work with the GoBD-compliant software."

Site organization: optimally documented

The Barth team often takes photos in the contract area that document the construction site and special points there. A picture of the completion is also always taken. "All photos end up in the project folder centrally," explains Bernhard Barth. "In this way, moisture damage and the like can be ideally documented."

For the creation of his offers Barth uses the MSD painter master data, which offer him a large number of performance texts including materials in the categories painting work inside and outside and thermal insulation composite systems. They are formulated in a customer-friendly and practical manner and are available especially for the WinWorker software. “The data offers me the right materials in the right combination - neatly calculated. It is practical that I can start my order process directly from the calculation in the software.”

In the program, he can also set up entire sets of related work: For example, he has put together the facade work set with scaffolding and all the necessary work. With a quick and clean offer, he can react promptly to tenders and inquiries.

Construction site organization for large projects without friction losses

"Speaking of time: the import and export of GAEB files, which I get from some clients, works smoothly," adds Barth.

With ten regular employees, the company must be well structured. It is important that the individual teams know which construction site is next, who is the contact person and which materials are required. "The site preparation is great, which I can generate directly from the offer document, print out and give to my employees."

Up to now, measurements were often complex, especially when it came to entire floors of commercial buildings. Barth has recently started using the plan measurement, which can be created digitally from scanned plans and PDF files. With a click of the mouse, the corners of the room are marked and the resulting areas are automatically calculated - by the way, also for polygonal, not just square, but rather angled rooms. The room height can be set globally or for each individual room. The determined data can be exported to the industry program as a tabular measurement or as a document measurement. Transfer to the BIM viewer integrated in the software is also possible.

Measurement on the go

For small and medium-sized objects, Bernhard Barth relies on the mobile dimensions: All components such as doors, built-in cupboards, windows can be included - areas and running meters are automatically calculated, if necessary also taking into account the VOB. The app guides you step by step through the process, transmission errors and number rotators are excluded. All data is sent to the software in the office and can be processed there.

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