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Win Trainees
Win Trainees

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Video: Win Trainees
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In order to give students an idea of the areas of responsibility and in the best case to win them over for training in the company, personal contact with the future boss or trainer is often crucial. How can you present yourself professionally and attractively? We give you tips.

Author: David Recker | Photo: Brillux

Anyone who has already tried all the traditional methods - from placing advertisements to posting to campaigns on social media - and yet finding unsuitable young people, will find that direct apprenticeship offers a promising alternative or a worthwhile additional option by the 2021 training year at the latest. This means the personal contact between employer and potential training candidate, who can successfully initiate a future training relationship. Here are our five tips for you:

Phase 1: Understand

Sociologists have coined a term for the age group that is particularly suitable for in-company training now and in the coming years: “Generation Z” describes the years of birth from 1997 to 2012 together with their particular ways of thinking and behaving. These differ significantly from previous generations. Two features are particularly striking:

  • A feeling of insecurity is widespread in generation Z. That is why these young people are more than others looking for orientation, belonging and good leadership - also at work.
  • Generation Z is aware that the labor market urgently needs them. She is accordingly picky and the more she chooses a work environment in which her appreciation and respect is shown.

Exactly these two motifs of Generation Z can be served well with appropriate personal trainee advertising - if you as an employer always have them in mind and know how to convey both with the appropriate means.

Phase 2: creating sympathy

Looking for a direct conversation with young people: This opportunity essentially arises directly in the final classes of secondary, comprehensive, real-life schools and secondary schools as well as at training fairs. The mere fact that a company owner stands in front of the young people works: it serves the need for appreciation. In the face-to-face meeting, the young people also very quickly judge whether they have “a good guy” in front of them - a likeable future boss, from whom they can expect leadership qualities and orientation. The same principle naturally also applies to contact with young people at training fairs.

Two things are particularly important in this direct dialogue:

  • The best way to attract young people to business owners or managers is to show them an authentic profile and thus be perceived as credible.
  • Secondly, it should never be neglected to make the direct contact of the young people addressed with the company as easy as possible. B. through a short application for trial days in the company.

Phase 3: Take a picture

What are the tasks of a painter or a plasterer? Why is this an exciting and promising professional activity? Answers to these questions can be found in information materials such as flyers, which are available as part of the youth initiative "Your future is colorful". They can be ordered inexpensively and with an individual company impression in the Brillux advertising material shop. The initiative, which Brillux launched years ago, offers even more support: For example, companies can borrow indoor and outdoor exhibition stands free of charge. In addition, the show truck from “Your future is colorful” rolls to events in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and South Tyrol. Real trainees are available as contacts for the young people. The truck can be guilty ofAssociations or district tradesmen can be booked with Brillux.

Phase 4: sniffing

The first contact at school or at a training fair was successful and the young people have already signaled by contacting the company that they are interested in training. In the next step, it makes sense that potential applicants and the company meet in practice. The form of these introductory days should be chosen appropriately. Good care and targeted implementation are crucial. A plan is essential, who shows the interested parties what things, where they can lend a hand and how the practical acquaintance is summarized in a final discussion. It is important for so-called trial days, for short internships or for trial work to clarify the basics of labor law in advance.

Plan personal trainee advertising

Addressing young people personally has the potential to bring more trainees into the company. However, this project requires preparation. Certainly now is a good time to establish the appropriate contacts to schools and organizers of training fairs with a view to the 2021 training year. Because good prospects also need good young talent.

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